December 25, 1776

On Christmas day 1776, George Washington and his army crossed an ice-swollen Delaware river in blinding snow and sleet, to compound matters, many of his men didn’t have warm clothing or shoes to wear, and thus had to walk barefoot through the snow.

Why did Washington and his men do this? Well, Liberal professors might tell you that George Washington and his men crossed the treacherous Delaware on that Christmas day to “murder Americans.” But is that really the truth? No, not quite. You see, George Washington and those men crossed that river so that we could be free people. Yes, Freedom! That was the whole point of it! And here we are today in our nice, cozy homes. Absolved from any and all allegiance to a tyrant!

The point of this bit of history is for you parents out there who have children who attend public schools. Make sure they know their history before you hear them parroting their liberal professors.


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First and formeost: I've been a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since February 3, 1991. Interests: I immensely enjoy God's Awesome Creation, I also enjoy beekeeping, and hope to have a large apiary some day. Gardening. Making apple butter. I enjoy hunting, Trout fishing, and Goin' Sangin' - digging American Ginseng. Hobbies: Building bluebird boxes. Reading: Slouching towards Gomorrah. Liberalism and Moral Decline in America. National Geographic Society Field Guides Wildlife. The study of trees.

2 thoughts on “December 25, 1776

  1. neocon01

    “Absolved from any and all allegiance to a tyrant!”

    we have one in the white hut as we speak.
    and the whole donk party, and gop rinos…

  2. Jeremiah Post author

    Yes, if only the people have sense enough to vote them out. If not, no tellin what will happen to this country. That would be sad news for everyone!


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