Islamic Terrorism in Phila.

Reports have surfaced that a Philadelphia police officer was targeted on January the 7th, 2016, and that the suspect fired a weapon at the officer who was in his policing vehicle driving down the street on his normal protocol round. The suspect ran up to the police unit, and fired 11 rounds into the police officers left arm…the suspect then fled, and the police officer pursued the suspect on foot even after being badly injured.

When questioned by officers as to why the 33 year old man committed this act of violence, his answer was that he done it “in the name of Allah, in allegiance to Islam/ISIS”

Now, does anyone find this at all surprising? I don’t think there’s any graphical statistics on this to give us a clear consensus. But I mean, should we be? Well, it may not be shocking, but it sure as heck is disheartening, to know that our major cities are safe havens for terrorists, disheartening also to see that all the American people out there are sleeping, and can’t see, just like they were a month after 9/11 passed. That was pretty big when it happened, people having there morning cup of Joe glued to their televisions, people on their commutes to work with the radio on, students in class listening to their teachers announce that horrible news.

How sick can a nation be that they refuse to believe that anything can be done to correct this problem? Or walk around like dead weight not caring that millions of Americans could suffer because of their lack of foresight and determination to do something about it? How sick can Americans be when they elect a President whose only intent is to destroy the foundation of this country and its Constitution? And that has literally committed treason against his own people..

You know what I think is going to happen? I think America is going to wake up, but it’s going to be way too late when they do. They’re asleep out there, but when they open their eyes, there will be no escape exit.

God have mercy on America!

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First and formeost: I've been a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since February 3, 1991. Interests: I immensely enjoy God's Awesome Creation, I also enjoy beekeeping, and hope to have a large apiary some day. Gardening. Making apple butter. I enjoy hunting, Trout fishing, and Goin' Sangin' - digging American Ginseng. Hobbies: Building bluebird boxes. Reading: Slouching towards Gomorrah. Liberalism and Moral Decline in America. National Geographic Society Field Guides Wildlife. The study of trees.

11 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorism in Phila.

  1. neocon01

    yet bathhouse barry obola wants to flood the USA with these evil satanic cult members…
    Psalm 109:8…… a lightning bolt from heaven would work wonders..

    1. Jeremiah Post author

      “a lightning bolt from heaven would work wonders.”

      We sure do need lightning, bro. We pray for God’s mercy, but the longer God is merciful, the more evil mankind becomes.

      So, without further ado, bring on the lightning…we are the Sons of Thunder. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. neocon01

    Arizona May Criminalize Recording Cops in Public

    dont like being filmed violating peoples civil rights and beating them up?

  3. neocon01

    thugs and ghetto ball, barrys boyz in action.
    Ramon Foster: Multiple (black) Bengals Spit On Steelers, Not Just Burfict…….


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