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The Hub. The Bub. The huhbub. Bub. :P

Caught up in the debate madness was a small factoid. The Colorado Straw Poll for Super Tuesday was cancelled.


I’ll save you the bother of reading the story and tell you what it means. The 37 Delegates from Colorado to the Republican Convention will go to whomever rinse primus wants them to go to.


A gift for the one party unistate, if you will.

Antonin Scalia



Supreme Court Justice. Passed away today. It was announced, almost as soon as his body was found, as being by natural causes.


That was a mighty fast statement. God rest his soul and bring comfort to his Family.


Whether or not an ultra progtard gets rammed through the nomination process now rest in the hands or flippers, of Stalwart Republican Senator, The Majority Leader, the man who has given barry sotero everything he wanted, mitchy “turtleneck” mcconnell.


So glad are betters, the heavy hitters in the repuke party, gave up on the Culture Wars. We are a much better Country because men like Mitt and captain juanny, work with the other side to get things done.


If you actually believe we still live in a Representative Republic, I do believe you finally found that last hill.


Did mcconnell find his nuts?


A Man with Nuts would have said “this vacancy WILL not be filled……..


Ok progtards. Especially you “feel the bern” types that think socialism is just the duckiest thing around. Here is your question. Once you have destroyed what is left of Capitalism, where are you going to get your graft, bribes, and foundation money from?

How are your dictators going to kick the bucket with billions in swiss bank accounts when there is nothing left to steal?

In a nut shell….


This is what happens when you let progressives and progress, progress to the point of no return. You get a culture where everyone but the guilty are to blame.


Junk science combined with activism. It does not matter what cause the activist is active in, they just know better than anyone else.


How much longer will this Judge have her job? Likely not long since she stuck it to a progtarda* that raped a disabled Man.

*Editors note. progtarda is a female of the progressive persuasion.

Iowa open thread.

The first Caucus. Can you feel the excitement?  Yeah, me neither. A new rule change for both parties though. On the repuke side, rule 156A1.1564 now states that if a bush is running, he gets the 100% of Iowa’s delegates no matter the vote count. On the donktard side the whole rule book was reduced to a single rule. Rule 1 states that only a person with a vagina is eligible to receive delegates. It is unclear if the bitter old commie from Vermont has one or not. The way he has pussed out in the debates would leave one to believe, why yes, he does.