Iowa open thread.

The first Caucus. Can you feel the excitement?  Yeah, me neither. A new rule change for both parties though. On the repuke side, rule 156A1.1564 now states that if a bush is running, he gets the 100% of Iowa’s delegates no matter the vote count. On the donktard side the whole rule book was reduced to a single rule. Rule 1 states that only a person with a vagina is eligible to receive delegates. It is unclear if the bitter old commie from Vermont has one or not. The way he has pussed out in the debates would leave one to believe, why yes, he does.

35 thoughts on “Iowa open thread.

  1. neocon01

    Michelle Obama, who suffers from Klinefelter syndrome is crying out for more rights.

    Speaking at a recent White House fund raising event for Homesexual Transgender Bi-Polar Bisexual Lesbian Sailor Jingle Drug Addicts with HIV and Hepatitis (HTBPBLSJDAHH), the First Lady‘s speech had many in tears: “I tried to hide for so long, but look at my shoulders, look at my hands, look at my Adam’s apple!

    Our adopted children have always supported us but there will always be a stigma. We are people too, we have feelings like anyone else, and we want to be acknowledged for who we are. I want you all to think for one second what it is like to have a larger penis than Barack. I have to think about this every night before we go to bed together.”


    1. Tim Post author

      Iowa is nothing but a beauty contest in votes. Remember last time? Santorum won the most votes but Ron Paul got all the Delegates. The vote means less than nothing.

      On the donktard side, things are different. IIRC. Delegates are selected by the vote. Looks like that guy that fantasizes about raping wymymms will beat the vagina that enables a rapist.

      Makes a whole lot of sense in a weird way.

  2. Tim Post author

    sir shillary edmund. The vagina that was born 4 years before Sir Hillary Edmund, ya know the first guy to climb Mt. Everest, but somehow was named after him, wants 90 Iowa precincts to redo their vote.

    Dammit!! we did not have time to fix all of them!! Dammit!! I call do over!!

  3. Tim Post author

    o-rube-ee-o despite coming in third behind Cruz and Trump(wink wink nudge nudge) is the real winner! Just listen to the media.

  4. Tim Post author


    Ummm… No tone o’malley suspends campaign. The hearing impaired among the donktards, along with wymmyms and chyllyns, hardest hit.

  5. bardolf2

    I’m a genius! 6/6 for predictions. Don’t believe me? I’ll predict New Hampshire too.

    1. Trump 2. Cruz 3. Rubio
    1. Hillary 2. Bernie

    These predictions match the GOP polling but reverse the DEM polling. With just Hillary and commie, the voters in NH will pick the criminal.

    Watch for Jeb! to drop out after NH. When that happens, 30% of my hopes for the election will be fulfilled. The other 70% involve Cruz and/or Trump destroying Hillary in the general. I don’t like retard Rubio and while it would be fun to watch the GOP mop the floor with a commie, wiping the floor with Hillary will be sweeter.

    I really think Grandma has health issues that going forward will be curious to watch. Still time to draft Biden if granny has too many coughing fits.

    1. Tim Post author

      I do not think any right thinking person would deny that king putt is an asshole. My prediction? The klintoons can not harm him in any way. Look for sir shillary to catch that indictment just at the worst time.

  6. neocon01

    Good job on the predictions oh great Carnac …aka Dr. Baldork

    Tim, we pray for that indictment for Killary ,and a heaven sent bolt for the obola disease.

  7. Tim Post author

    Let us take a look here. Let us count the votes of Cruz, o-rube-ee-o, and Carson. A majority of the votes went to a non White.

    On the donktard side?

    Old, white, plantation owners, falling over each other to give away free shit and create new special snowflakes.

    Yet we are are the bigots and racists.

    Go figure.

  8. Tim Post author

    This is donktardia. This is the best the donktards have to offer. This is what Conservatives are accused of being.

    Old and white. One has snowflake card though. Can you guess which one?

  9. neocon01

    these are the loons who believe in AGW?

    Stephen Hawking: Humans could use mini BLACK HOLE to power world’s electricity supply

    STEPHEN Hawking has suggested that humans may be able to harness the power of a ‘mini’ black hole but has warned that it could DESTROY us.

    seems this genius hasnt found a good dentist or tooth brush yet, but knows all about black holes….did he discover killary or the mooch?

  10. neocon01

    a history lesson for the forker buffoons……
    some who still argue that “America” is a country….DUH!!

    Palestinians’ or ‘Arabstinians’?
    By Dan Calic
    In today’s Middle East, there are Arabs, Jews, and so-called “Palestinians.”

    Just who are the Palestinians? Are they a unique group of people with a separate ethnic identity, language, and history?

    Read more:

  11. neocon01

    the LIAR LIES

    Obama Visits Mosque: ‘Islam Has Always Been Part of America’ ( yeah barky…WE FOUGHT with them in our early days)

    Breitbart ^ | February 3, 2016 | Charlie Spierling

    “What a bunch of BS. Islam has been part of America in the sense that Columbus looked for a way to get to India because the Muslim Turks took Constantinople in 1453. Also, one might add that the first overseas expedition of the new US was against the Islamic Barbary Coast pirates. He mention Adams and Jefferson owning Korans. Well Obama failed to mention both men did not have kind things to say about Islam.”

      1. bardolf2

        Maybe in 2024 after Trump or Cruz have run their 8 years. I think people like Rand but he comes off as too theoretical and not enough of a doer. In an age where the Democrats run identity politicians (Black, Woman, Free_Stuff_Guy) there isn’t much room for honest discourse.

        Hillary can be for unlimited wars, a suck up to Wall Street, against organized labor … and still liberals think she cares about them or at least is better than the GOP. In which tangible ways, even to working class liberals is Hillary preferable to Rand? The only answer is she has two X chromosomes.

  12. neocon01

    Time for a COUP…….order the POS in the white hut to STAND DOWN because he is under arrest for TREASON!! REMOVE him from the peoples house and place him in a DC jail general population, and his tribe in a motel 6 with disarmed ss agents and a gun free zone sign..


  13. neocon01

    feel the BURN…….Love it….

    Bernie Sanders demands ‘living wage’ but pays his own interns $12 an hour
    By Thomas Lifson
    The Vermont socialist Communist senator thinks that a everyone deserves a “living wage” – which usually means that a minimum-wage worker with no skills ought to be able to raise a family. But like most lefties, his motto is “do as I say, not as I do.”

    Writing in Taki’s Magazine, James E. Miller feasts on the Sanders hypocrisy

    Read more:

    1. Tim Post author

      “But like most lefties, his motto is “do as I say, not as I do.”

      It has always been that way and always will. What do you expect from people who extract from the system instead of add to it. Just like the very first marxist, a man with no job and whose source of sustenance was from a friend. Who got the money from his parents Textile Mill.

      Ahhh yes Forkers, I am talking about your heroes. marx and engles. All for the working man. As long as they do not have to work themselves.

  14. neocon01

    “Obama: Criticism of Muslim Americans ‘Has No Place In Our Country’On Wednesday, President Obama, who has become the executive branch equivalent of a professional commenter troll, took his traveling roadshow of perverse failure to the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

    There, he lectured Americans – as always – on our own intolerance, the glories of Islam, and how if we just gaze longingly into his eyes, our souls will be set free of the baser matter surrounding them.

    Hey FUCK YOU obola!!
    because of TYRANTS like you, IS the reason we have the SECOND amendment, to protect our FIRST !!
    and where did you learn that BS, Kenya? or Indonesia?


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