What did you expect?




Life is tough honeygirl. Get over your bad decision and report to the Brig. ASAP


33 thoughts on “What did you expect?

  1. bardolf2

    She left her husband and two children in September of 2015 for basic training where she was learning to build bridges, detonate artillery, and detect roadside bombs under combat conditions. She said, “You make sacrifices your whole life for your children and for your family, this will be a sacrifice.*

    * or not. Lots of liberals yapping about Trump using loopholes to avoid Vietnam service but the same libs didn’t care that Willy dodged the draft outright and special victim Hillary wasn’t even eligible apparently because ‘Women are better listeners’ (TM)

    1. Tim Post author

      Really not worried about Trump and his lack of a Military background. W had a military background and what dis it get us? Two Victories pissed away by trying to teach savages Democracy?

      The job of our Military is to kill people and Break things into tiny pieces. Not teach these stone age relics that raping little boys is okay as long as that is your culture.

      There is a reason why I never let anyone in my Charge walk in front of our locals. There is a reason why I got in trouble and damn near Article 15 three times for refusing to deploy females on patrols over an hour long.

      Maybe the Fork could use their “journalistic” abilities to figure out why?

    2. Tim Post author

      I thought sir shillary of cankles tried to join the Marine Corps but was refused?

      Does dodging Sniper fire in Sarajevo count as service?

      1. neocon01

        I thought sir shillary of cankles tried to join the Marine Corps but was refused?

        hillary- woman marines, WAM
        wide ass?…check, Ok
        lesbian?…..check Ok
        communist?…check….. = REJECTED!!

  2. neocon01

    under the RIIIIGHT Pee Wee heading

    Women can do anything they set their mind to just as well as men I don’t really see any difference at all. I hope women will want to join.”.

    big difference between “learning that” crap in womans studies and actually doing it.
    There was a big push in the 1970’s to flood the construction trades with these “able bodied women”, where are all of them today?? BZZZZZTTTTTTT ….. none, nada, zip, zilch, zero…and rightfully so.

    1. Tim Post author

      Road Construction? Rarely do you see a female doing anything other than hold a sign.

      Nope. Boys and Gils are just the same. Forget about it……

  3. neocon01

    Michael Moore says he’s in ICU with pneumonia…

    Good, hopefully better news to follow….fat boy has assumed room temp..(tells Jesus he really was a Christian..)
    reports to hells newspaper as a new lover for freddy. Bonga Bonga

    1. neocon01

      Ah Ha! there you have it folks.
      Donald Trump Won’t Rule Out Cruz As VP, ‘Always Gotten Along Well’

      Tim and Neo join Dr. (Baron) Baldork in his (famous) great carnac club…….below is Jooohny depicting Dr. Baldork

  4. bardolf2


    I post the above to

    1. Remind myself that even in Alberta Canada nobody cares if guys kill themselves when economic times get tough.

    2. Tell people that a state’s economy can’t be dependent on one source or one employer, there needs to be some backup plan.

    3. Say a big FU to all those who constantly say that the American working class should be uprooted at any point in time to serve industry. I recall many a convo at B4V where I said it was unreasonable to drag a family half-way across the country to guarantee a fluid labor market. But people said that Americans should just up and move to North Dakota where all the good jobs are going to be. Well, look at the economy of North Dakota now.

  5. neocon01

    My father always balked when I wanted to go to college, he used to refer to local engineers who were un employed, and “pumping gas” when the industry they were in tanked.
    However the local news paper want ads at the same time had three columns looking for plumbers, electricians, pipe fitters etc.

    I listened to his advice got a trade first, then to college for Bus. Mgt. I have never missed a day of work in over 50 years that I didnt want to miss, my three sons have followed my foot steps, We now own our own business and cant keep up with the work.

    My oldest son works full time for a national company and was just flown to NC for an interview for a company looking to expand into Fla.
    He doubles his wages by working evenings and weekends with us.

    I also worked for a fortune 5 company in the same city for 30 years (in my trade.)

    I now collect 3 pensions, SS, and all I want to earn from my company…not bad for some dumb GOP, conservative, Christian, racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, what ever forker phobe of the day LOL

  6. Tim Post author

    In a rare moment of sanity, a fed appeals court overturns Maryland’s ban on “so called assault” weapons. Setting up an almost certain appeal to SCOTUS.

    Now remember progtards. For now, this is the “law of the land”

    Oh wait! Silly me. “Laws of the land” only applies to laws that progtardia wants.

  7. neocon01



    SCRIPTED: Exact same speech, jokes, quips…

    VIVA LAS VEGAS: Adelson Paper Endorses…

  8. neocon01

    Paging Dr. (baron) Baldork;

    in my greedy quest for money (for nothing), I ask you oh great baldork the predictor of the future, (not to be confused with the forkers)
    WHO will be the victor of tomorrows Super Bowl?
    (so I can get my BET in early) 🙂 🙂

    1. neocon01

      does this shiite ever stop??

      Beyonce was on stage only because powerful people – e.g., those who produce the Super Bowl – decided that it was in their best interest to grant her access.) Ever since the days of slavery, black women have been almost entirely evaluated based on their ability to sexually arouse white men. The black women who were light-skinned and/or possessed European features were deemed attractive/valuable and became “house niggers,” more “powerful” slaves who worked closely with the master in his home. Of course, this was a false power because the beauty associated with it was entirely defined by the white master and because those who were granted it were often subjected to rape and other forms of abuse. Hello sexism, meet racism.

      This racialized sexism continues today. Both racism and sexism have interacted to produce a society in which only a certain type of black woman, one that overtly appeals to white men, would even be granted the mic at a Super Bowl half time show. It’s no coincidence that Beyonce’s “fake” hair was blonde (a color that is atypical/unnatural for black women) and long (a length that is atypical for black women), that her skin color is lighter than average for a black woman, and that she has European features. Lauryn Hill, she is not.

    1. Tim Post author

      What caused this person to go ballistic? I would say off hand that the people who appear to run/own the store are mooselambic. mooslibs vs. black? I think these days mooslimbs are on top of the soviet justice ladder so, burn the bitch!!

      More info is needed.

  9. Tim Post author

    Read an article in the new york times online Edition. Former Sec. madeline dumbright said sir shillary edmund had to “work” to get where she is?

    Funny that. If her last name was not klintoon, no one would have ever heard of her.

    1. Tim Post author

      Why? Did he find out that “Whitey” was not as scared of him as he thought? He played poorly and lost? He found out that fate is a fickle bitch and had his ass handed to him?

      Waycissms has to be the reason his team lost. Right?

  10. Tim Post author

    On one of the more fringe sites I frequent, there is a Lady that Claims to be ex Secret Service.
    She is pretty convincing with her knowledge of them. She might be a fraudster but if she is she is a good one.

    She claims, and has a bit of backup on this, that billy jeff klintoons Code name is “little stiffy”

    LoLzer 😛

    How about Fork Crew, want to put your reporting skillz to the test and verify the veracity of her claim?




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