New Hampshire Open Thread

You know you want to say it. So say it.


32 thoughts on “New Hampshire Open Thread

  1. Tim Post author

    A few Counties have already reported in some totals. sir shillary edmond, survivor of sniper fire, possessor of vagina, murderer of four, and destroyer of many, is taking it on her botox bloated chin. By a 2 to 1 margin.

    Let us hope this leads to her implosion.

  2. bardolf2

    Completely wrong!!!! That’s right, I’m here to eat crow.

    I only got 1 thing right. #1 Trump correct. Did anyone guess Kasich? or a Guac Bowl comeback? Never expected the fiasco between Carson and Cruz.

    On the other side!!!!!!!!!! How sexist is New Hampshire? They dragged out geriatrics Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright to appeal to the young ladies and it didn’t work. Tonight’s big winner on the Dem side is JOE BIDEN!

    South Carolina is going to be a Trump-Cruz shootout. Jerseyboi used a linguistic killshot declaring pool-boy a robot. It stuck. Marco Roboto even has robot followers now.

    So kiddos it looks like this. On the GOP side it’s either Trump or Trump-lite. On the Dem side it’s commie or hedgefundqueen in a race to the bottom. Slick Willy has become a liability. I’m hoping they trot his ass out for 4 months to return his ‘rebuilt’ reputation to the cum-stained dress level it belongs at.

    1. Tim Post author

      abuela shillary lost and lost bad. She leads in SC but only because Blacks make up most of the donktard electorate there. Bern could still take it though. Just two weeks away. Time enough for sir shillary edmund to execute half of her staff for not making her human enough.

      Trump was expected to win. He did. He is also far ahead in SC that I do not think Cruz can over take him.

      Trump/Cruz 2016.

      Each man can learn from the other.

      Maybe bring a little sannity back to this Country after 8 years of planned destruction by the bathhouse baron.

  3. Tim Post author

    I wonder how are favorite “heavy hitters” are taking this. We have a Circus Clown and a Canuck as the first two winners.

    Maybe Mittbot 3.0 can save them. Hey guys! This time have Microsoft upload the correct data to your chosen one. mmmmmkkkkaayyyy!

    Is theat spooky shadow still lurking around the veggie site? Scarriiee that one be.


  4. bardolf2

    1. Jane Fonda is saying how Donald Trump will encourage the enemy.

    2. Madeleine Albright, partially responsible for 500,000 dead children in Iraq sanctions under slick Willy is talking about special places in hell for female voters who don’t vote their vagina.

    3. Former youthful CIA operative Gloria Steinem is worried that young women are easily influenced by the patriarchy.

  5. neocon01

    Note to the STUPID C U Next Tuesday hanoi jane,,,,,,
    islam is a form of government mingled in a “religious” evil cult, it is NOT a demographic so your alleged RACISM shtick is meaningless.

    why is no one saying that islam murdering tens of thousands of Christians world wide is radicalizing Christian women?

  6. neocon01

    is worried that young women are easily influenced by the patriarchy.

    influenced by the GOP patriarchy, but not the donk white, wrinkle brigade patriarchy, ya gotta love these insane moonbats….NOT!

  7. neocon01

    Baaaa ha ha ha ha

    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is falling apart.
    Bernie Sanders soared in New Hampshire and now two polls have him tying her nationally. It’s a disaster.

    Now she’s called in the B Team — the cynical, paranoid and wacky twins Sidney Blumenthal and David Brock — to bail her out. And here comes the elderly, diminished and livid former pervert – president Bill Clinton to lead the duo’s frantic attacks on Sanders.

    The attacks are rooted in nothing more than a list of dirty names they call the Vermont senator every day. Having found little in his record to attack, they have consulted the thesaurus to turn up ugly sounding accusations.

  8. Tim Post author

    A couple of observations on the NH results.

    1. Cruz came in third yet no media reports about how this was really a win like marcoBot in Iowa.

    2. Pay attention to the donktard sites. Operatives for sir shillary edmond are already focusing on the Bernster. The meme going around and it appeared to have started barely an hour after the polls closed last night, is that Bernie has “white privilege” and shillary does not.

    Splain how dat works for me Lucy.

    Something must not be going right for them in South Carolina.

  9. neocon01

    Cruz Mocks Fox News’ Reporting on Rubio: ‘Looking Forward’ to ‘Wall-to-Wall Coverage’ of My Third-Place Finish

  10. neocon01

    The commies are bringing out the long knives…

    New York Daily News Attack Trump Voters as ‘Mindless Zombies’

    but NOTHING about the braindead useful idiots voting for the OLD white wrinkle brigade marxists, killary and boing boing boinie

  11. neocon01

    the forkers are in a tizzy….killary is getting killed by boing boing, yet she still has the delegates…..hmmmmm

    what one says…

    To: Kaslin

    Talk of Bernie winning over Hillary is all just Kabuki theater to let the plantation GOMERS think their votes count.

    We all know that behind the scenes Hillary is clobbering Bernie in the delegate count.

    Thanks to the democrat party’s corrupt system and the “Super Delegates” loyal to the Clintons, the systen is rigged to give Hillary the nomination no matter how many people vote for Bernie in the primary elections.

    Hillary has ten times as many delegates than Sanders and there has only been 1 state caucus and 1 state election.”

  12. neocon01

    What do you do when the government loses its legitimacy?
    Renew America ^ | Feb. 11, 2016 | Tim Dunkin

    Last month, Americans were treated to the spectacle of our own government executing an American citizen without due process on the side of a public highway in Oregon. There is really no other accurate description to describe the extra-judicial murder of Lavoy Finnicum by agents of the Oregon Highway Patrol, at the behest of the FBI.

    To begin with, we should understand that pretty much everything the average person heard from the mainstream media about the Malheur refuge “occupation” is wrong. The media loved to describe the events in Oregon as an “armed takeover of a federal building.” That way, your average viewer living “back East somewhere” got the impression that these were heavily armed paramilitaries with machine guns and rockets taking over a courthouse or something. Actually, the “federal building” in question was a forest station, and was unoccupied at the time the Bundy group came in. Some reports I’ve seen suggest that it was even left unlocked so that anyone who got lost in the wilderness and found the station could get in and take shelter from the elements. To the extent that they were armed, it was with pistols – indeed, when a more serious militia group armed with rifles came to join them, they were asked to leave. The Bundy group regularly gave interviews to the media and often met with various police agencies. If this was an anarchic armed standoff, it must have been the most benevolent and lackadaisical one in history.

    So it was with the chain of events that led to Finnicum’s murder at the hands of the police. Most news reports stated that he “went for a gun,” and was shot by police acting in self-defense. Seeing the video, this is patently ridiculous, as is the claim that a man who had his hands up and was being covered by half a dozen armed officers training their weapons on him was going to “go for his gun” like it was some kind of Wild West showdown at high noon on the streets of Dodge. No – Lavoy Finnicum was shot by police looking to make a statement – displease the government, and you’ll end up dead. What we saw that day from the OSP and the FBI was a politically motivated assassination, in essence an act of terrorism by the actual definition of that word.

    Finnicum’s death fits into a larger, overarching trend that we have been seeing both with the U.S. federal government and with other governments, especially those in Europe. This trend is marked not just by a continual failure to protect and defend the citizens of their respective nations, but by outright efforts to endanger and harm their citizens.

    Think about it for a minute. How else could you describe governments in Europe that import hundreds of thousands (or, in the case of Germany, millions) of criminal, barbaric military-aged male “refugees” from the Muslim world, who essentially turn these “refugees” loose on their own native populations, and then attempt to punish their own native citizens when they fight back, or even speak out about it? In Germany the government is cracking down…on people who criticize the “refugees” on social media. In Denmark, a girl who used pepper spray to fight off some Muslims who attempted to rape her is being prosecuted by her own government. In England, Parliament is more interested in banning Donald Trump because he said things about Muslims that they didn’t like than they are about protecting their own citizens from KNOWN sex trafficking in English cities by Muslim immigrants and “refugees.”

    It’s not just that these governments aren’t getting on the ball – it’s that these governments are purposefully targeting their own people while defending and abetting hostile foreign invaders.


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