Ok progtards. Especially you “feel the bern” types that think socialism is just the duckiest thing around. Here is your question. Once you have destroyed what is left of Capitalism, where are you going to get your graft, bribes, and foundation money from?

How are your dictators going to kick the bucket with billions in swiss bank accounts when there is nothing left to steal?


15 thoughts on “Once…..

  1. neocon01

    what is amazing that all leftist countries have to build IRON CURTAINS to keep their glorious workers in, and the eeevil USA has to build walls to keep them out…..guess those walls could be used to trap the eevil Christian conservatives in when the commies prevail.

  2. Tim Post author

    “guess those walls could be used to trap the eevil Christian conservatives in when the commies prevail.”

    ♪13 when the walls come tumblin down♫

    My Wall destroying abilities are damn near unmatched. Keep me forcefully paying Sarah’s snap bennies? Not a chance.

    DE revolution come mon!

  3. neocon01

    Casting Nancy Drew: No Whiteys, Please!
    By Kimberly Bloom Jackson
    CBS Entertainment has announced plans to remake the classic television series Nancy Drew. What young actress wouldn’t want to audition for the opportunity to reprise the role of this iconic detective? Unfortunately, there’s just one problem: White women need not apply.

    “I’d be open to any ethnicity,” but “[She will] not [be] Caucasian,” said CBS President Glenn Geller.

    Imagine if Geller had said he was open to casting Nancy Drew as any ethnicity, but that she would not be black or Hispanic. He would be inundated with hate mail for being a racist. In fact, had any other business suggested that black or Hispanic women need not apply, there would be all kinds of discrimination lawsuits, Al Sharpton would swoop in to stoke the flames of bigotry, and today’s new totalitarian activist groups like the NAACP would make it their mission to have the business shut down.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/02/casting_nancy_drew_no_whiteys_please_.html#ixzz3zyoeGLfH
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  4. neocon01


    maybe the forkers can splain

    “Unpledged delegates exist, really, to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists,” Wasserman Shultz said,
    adding that the Democratic Party “highlights inclusiveness and diversity at our convention” and wants to give activists “every opportunity” to participate, which she says it what the superdelegates are for.

    Wait a minute! If grassroots activists turn out for a candidate the way they did for Sanders, the superdelegates nullify the resulting margin of victory. I guess by saying they “don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists,” DWS means they don’t even have to go to the voters to get their way.

    Thanks for explaining. This is what happens in a battle of wits with an unarmed party.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/02/debbie_wasserman_schultz_asked_to_explain_how_hillary_lost_nh_primary_by_22_but_came_away_with_same_number_of_delegates_.html#ixzz3zyvKNqhC

  5. neocon01


    Machete-Wielding Muslim Man Attacks Israeli-Christian’s Ohio Restaurant, Several Wounded…….

    One ccw holder = one dead musloon. Arm up people, the obola plague has arrived.

    1. Tim Post author

      What ever Beck is doing, he needs an intervention soon. All the good he has done in the past is almost forgotten. Sad really that he has sunk so low.

  6. neocon01

    the REAL black history……

    Black South African “Students” Protest Tuition by Vandalizing School with ‘F— White People’

    | February 10, 2016 | Ashley Rae Goldenberg
    As Americans are observing Black History Month, black students in South Africa are sending a message to their fellow countrymen: F— white people.

    this from aborigines who were living in grass huts, loin clothes, had no wheel, and carried spears 100 years ago….. yeah fuck us whiteys,… dig your own wells, build your own power plants, autos, stoves, refrigerators, start your own banks, hospitals, do your own brain surgery etc etc etc tell us in 10 years how that fuck whitey has worked out for ya…

  7. neocon01

    Word Is Out – Vote Fraud in Early Voting in Tennessee
    2/13/2016, 3:44:29 PM · by Theo ·
    Tennessee early voting has revealed that people voting for Ted Cruz, spits out ballots voting for Jeb Bush.
    There exists anecdotal evidence that early ballots cast in Tennessee for Ted Cruz instead come up with the name of Jeb Bush. This happened previously in Nevada except the names were different; Sheryl Engle votes miraculously became Harry Reid votes. If you are voting early in Tennessee, or any other state, please check your ballot to ascertain that you are voting for your intended candidate.


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