This time of year is always a busy time for me. Even with my Son in Law shouldering most of the Burden, I am Busy. šŸ™‚


Busy time open thread. There is so much going on, or so Kris tells me, got to be something to say about it.


Say it!




29 thoughts on “Busy……Busy….Busy!!!

    1. Tim Post author

      Can’t afford to let the CO rubes have a say. They might say wrong. Except for you know who.

      In other news. The Navy Officer accused of spying for the chicoms is a Chinese himself.

      Diversity!! In action, I guess.

    1. Tim Post author

      I thought you were warned about posting pictures of alleged female hags after the last code pinko fatty incident? Hmmm…???


  1. neocon01

    thanks bathhouse….

    Another Illegal Alien Kills an American Family, Congress is Silent!……

    1. Tim Post author

      They are just doing the killing that Americans don’t want to do. Chammer O’commerce gotta has his cheap labor!

  2. Tim Post author


    Some has been musician canceled a tour in Mississippi because of the recently passed Religious Liberty Law. Now if you do not want to do business with anyone based on your Beliefs, you do not have to.

    Freedom of Association is back on the Books in Mississippi. Please come north.

  3. Tim Post author

    Anyone see the vid of the Ohio State Assistant Dean telling the soviet justice wankers to get bent? That is not what he said but that is what was meant. Even he said it with the lame thunder of bureaucracy.

    Bring out the Thesaurus!!

  4. neocon01

    surprise surprise……the accusation, and damage have been done…..alinsky 101

    Sources: Donald Trump’s campaign manager will not be prosecuted

      1. Tim Post author

        Madame Arf Arf is protected by a shield of vaginal democratium. Almost as powerful as black democratium.

        Lady should of know better than to get in the way. It is not like sir edmund shillary does not have a history of destroying women.

  5. neocon01

    the bathhouse barry OBOLA legacy…..

    The largest U.S. coal company just filed for bankruptcy

    The coal industry has faced a myriad of problems in recent years, including proposed regulation from the Obama administration to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s coal-burning power plants. The industry refers to those regulations as Obama’s “war on coal.”

  6. neocon01

    Teacher survey: Donald Trump responsible for ‘fear and bullying’ in schools
    By Rick Moran
    There’s no doubt that the campaign of Donald Trump has impacted American politics. But is he responsible for an increase in “fear” and “bullying” in our nation’s schools.

    According to a survey of American teachers, the answer is yes.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/04/teacher_survey_donald_trump_responsible_for_fear_and_bullying_in_schools.html#ixzz460LozX9o

    Only puzzies and girlymen get “bullied” real men kick ass..

  7. neocon01

    279 DAYS
    4/16/2016 | By Laz A. Mataz
    Posted on 4/16/2016, 10:35:36 AM by Lazamataz

    It is 279 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes, 3 secondsss until the disgusting Marxism-loving arrogant Christophobic nefarious lying imperious preening opportunistic petty heinous autocratic Imperialist bragging vengeful tricky pathetic querulous haughty self-centered constantly-golfing despicable Che-idolizing demonic cocky destructive Islamic ruthless tragedy-celebrating malevolent miscreant caucasian-hating nasty loathsome homosexual Allah-worshiping failing criminal-coddling patronizing oligarchist disasterous smug anti-American freakish sissified thin-skinned oppressive Internet-killing sociopathic hateful racist Mohammad-loving traitorous evil supercilious glib angry incompetent treasonous Supreme-Court-destroying threatening middle-finger-waving breacher-of-trust socialist petulant conceited deviant violence-provoking Constitution-ignoring malignant narcissist noxious Saboteur-In-Chief illegal hideous Satanic communist gay crack-smoking pernicious Kenyan crypto-muslim mendacious dictator usurping so-called-President “Stompy-Foot” Obama, who is now a confirmed supporter of Islamic terrorists, leaves office.

    That is:
    279 days
    6698 hours
    401908 minutes
    24114483 seconds


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