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Houston Shooting.

Not going to bother linking any stories.

Some facts to consider.

The Houston shooter was from San Bernadino.
Was he going to attack Memorial Methodist Church on Memorial Drive?
Did Houston Good Samaritan stop the shooter from carrying out a Church massacre?
What was in the military bag detonated by police?

They seem to always time their attacks to coincide with some date of significance for their conquering cause. May 29 is the date Muslims captured the seat of Byzantine Christianity, Constantinople. The history books state they entered the city at 10:00 AM and began their slaughter. Yesterday was May 29. The shooter began his attack 10:00 AM.

This “vet” was a muzzie convert. No doubt about it.


Goodbye granny kkklintoon?

MSNBC’s Devastating 10 Minutes On Hillary Clinton Where Lifelong Democrats Take Her Apart


Watch the vid. donktards tearing apart another donktard. Going to be fun this season.

June 12, 2012

On this date, I had a very bad stroke. The Emergency Room Doctor told me later
that had it continued for fifteen more seconds, I would not have survived.

It caused major damage to my Nerves and other physical functions. I still suffer
some major effects from that stroke.

Today, I noticed that I could cut the Fingernails on my Left Hand without
assistance. For me, a major milestone.

Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savoir tooketh away and now He is giving back. His
purposes are not fathomable by mere Humans. His will, be done. 🙂

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Well whatta ya know….

Another phony hate crime. What is this, number 6 skillion now?

Black Iowa Student Starts Fight, Loses, Makes Up Hate Crime, Gets Caught

An Invitation

To every left wing, progressive, socialist, communist, progressive, soviet justice wanker in The United States.

You are invited to leave the Country you hate so much. Let us know and we will start gofundme’s for every stinking, filthy, nasty one of you. The sooner you shuffle off to koo-bah, the better.


Open Thread as always.

Trump takes another one.

Indiana. Trump. All 57 Delegates belong to Trump. There will be no contested convention.

No chance at the fork for the marks, clusters,and amy’s to to roll over the Voters who chose Trump over everyone else.


For good or ill Trump is the Nominee.


Get over it or go the eff away and form your own TruCon paradise party. You remember when you labeled me the “Gate Keeper of True Conservatism” amy? Shoe. Other Foot. No assembly required baybee!!


Hope it fits but ware the smell. 🙂