Well whatta ya know….

Another phony hate crime. What is this, number 6 skillion now?

Black Iowa Student Starts Fight, Loses, Makes Up Hate Crime, Gets Caught


22 thoughts on “Well whatta ya know….

  1. neocon01

    yea, dem raysis crakas, always beatin some dindo nuffin, fo nuffin….

    gotta love the rush to judgement against any white, and screams for protection by a mere mention of a “hate crime” against any black privelidge african’s…

    meanwhile back at the wraunch….REALITY!!

    Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 213
    Shot & Wounded: 1129
    Total Shot: 1342
    Total Homicides: 238

    I watched 3 episodes of the first 48 this week……2 murders per episode = six murders….care to guess on ALL the killers demographics?
    Hint, ( they aint a GZ look alike) but ALL could be bathhouse barrys boyz. (if he had adopted males instead of ??? )

  2. Tim Post author

    Speaking of hate, there was an interview by some cnn hagette with Ivanka Trump. You can watch it on you tube, sorry, no link love from me. The hate in the demeanor of the hagette was palpable.

    Maybe someone can compare the real crimes of daddy klintoon vs the made up ones of Invanka’s Dad. Maybe someone could compare the real accomplishments of Ivanka vs princess klintoon?

  3. Tim Post author

    Another one for the “whatta ya know” category. Trump calls a rapist a rapist and orders nation wide for fainting couches sky rocket.

    Tee hee.


  4. bardolf2

    “Whenever I think there still might be a chance for us to pull out of the Death Spiral of this election cycle, something happens to rub my face in the fact that too many people are too deeply invested in it.” – Amy over at BlogsForDefeat

    I’m a little verklempt.

  5. neocon01

    I ran over there (veggies blog) for a brief read, havent been there for a couple of months, amaZooma is absolutely Nucking Futs…she dominated the board and is spewing non stop rubbish about how bad Trump is, yet nary a word about the worst POS in the history of America, or the second POS that might replace him.
    Strange BOTH soetoro and killery, are homosexuals, and both have muslim’s as their closest advisors…but crickets as bathhouse and marxist donks systematically destroy America.

    spook pipes in a bit, and the realtor is mia… I wonder if alla akbar still owns the site?

    “National Bloggers Club Founder Ali Akbar: Convicted Felon”

  6. bardolf2

    It’s just Mark and Amy now. Amy is a bitter woman clinging to the possibility that the GOP will choose someone other than Trump. Trump has unleashed the crooked Hillary catchphrase into the wild and it’s already doing serious damage.

    After Trump ran roughshod over 17 people and is about to destroy Hillary, the people who watched Romney and McCain get their butts handed don’t want to see a big GOP win. They literally want to lose if they can’t have another guy who will throw away American treasure in the MidEast to bring demucharcy to people who are used to strongmen for 2000 years.

  7. neocon01

    Amy is a bitter woman

    and a “former” liberal……the nastiness of the lefts soul or lack of it shines through.She would do better writing for the pitchfork.

    1. bardolf2

      The Donald is going after Clinton’s throat in May, 6 months ahead of time. Think about that. Romney didn’t go 1/10 as hard through the entire campaign. McLame 1/100.

  8. neocon01

    yeah, the mad morman, and mcInsane sure can rip up a front runner for the GOP, but crickets for a girly “man” who has more negatives than OJ, and had less experience than my 10yo grandson.

    the Donald will rip the KKKlintoons to shreads…

  9. neocon01

    sooooooo the lil CUNext Tuesday’s REAL agenda is revealed, a HACK bitch who was a donk plant to discredit conservative men, maybe if she was gang raped by 30 BLM savages, we would then see if she presses REAL, assault charges and shows her bruises…..

    Michelle Fields Signs On to #NeverTrump β€˜News’ Blog Huffington Post

  10. Tim Post author

    Trump says it would not be “fair” to call Vince Foster’s death a “murder”.

    Could you imagine captain juanny or mittens saying this? So much material to use against hillzebub. Think Trump will have time to use it all?



    1. bardolf2

      6 months is a long time. Going to be fun. Remember when the ‘True Conservatives’ were saying that Trump was a Hillary plant? Do you think a Clinton plant would bring up Foster, Broderick, …

      1. Tim Post author

        ” Remember when the β€˜True Conservatives…….”

        Hey now, amy labeled me the “Gate Keeper of True Conservatism” so as Gate Keeper I declare those people no real “TruCons”

        Besides I remember when those same people were crowing about the polls showing Trump behind. Not crowing these days not are they? Let us wait until November and hopefully Crow will be on their Menu.


    1. Tim Post author

      “may even borrow it”


      Feel free to use it. Do not think I coined it anyway. Pretty sure I saw it on one of those fring sites I like to visit. Maybe infowars?

  11. Tim Post author

    I would like to take a time out here.

    Time Out!

    I now voice my displeasure with all these recent converts to TruConism and #nevertards.
    May you all roast in Hell or be forced to read the fork everyday.
    That is all.

    Time In!


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