Another One bites….

Britain has just swept the European Union into the dustbin of history.


You had one job Great Britain and it was a job well done.


God save the Queen


P.S. Oh my sotero!! Kiss My Ass! kthanxbye! Q.E. II


20 thoughts on “Another One bites….

    1. neocon01

      amazing the low iq savages, want to argue where a Fn hat was made, while obola and killery flood our country with peasants and muslim cutthroats, give our secrets away, and gut our military……black hats matter the survival of out nation? not do much

  1. neocon01

    ‘Gang of 8’ Rubio Starts Political Comeback with Attacks on Trump, Silence on Clinton

    lil gay bubble boy needs to STFU and go AWAY!

  2. neocon01

    200 Musicians Sign ‘Billboard’s Open Letter to Congress For Gun Control…….

    piss off you retards

    1. Tim Post author

      They all have armed security and live in gated communities. Us proles? We can just take our chances. I guess.

  3. neocon01

    “Needless to say, leftists are quite mad. They’re now calling for old people to be stopped from voting, simply because they wanted to protect the youngsters from having to dress in hijabs. Twitter hasn’t been this upset since that gorilla got shot. France, of course, has been mad for a while: even before the vote to send the migrants from The Jungle to us if we decided to leave. Why? Are migrants bad? I mean if unlimited immigration is fine then that’s hardly a punishment, is it, France?

    Then there’s Scotland. For the second time in two years, our grumpy, ungrateful ginger cousins in the north are threatening to leave us. Scotland … famed for sucking up English tax money and for producing angry left-wing comedians and whiskey that’s even worse than Ireland’s.

    I’m not sure many of us will be too upset to lose these ferocious European champions. I mean, there’s a reason the Emperor Hadrian anticipated Trump by about two thousand years.

    Britain made a clear statement today– she wants to be free, she wants to improve. In short she wants to be great again.”

  4. neocon01

    “In a “major address” this week Trump gave hillery the preview of the wrath to come, calling her “a world-class liar” who collected cash by the tub full when she was the secretary of State pretending to look out for the nation’s interests. “She gets rich,” he said, “by making you poor.”

    He called her “the most corrupt person ever to run for president,” recognized as exaggeration and embroidery by anyone with a passing acquaintance with rude and rowdy frontier politics, but it had the ring of truth to anyone who has been reading the newspapers or watching cable television over the past two or three decades. The Clintons themselves wrote the book on Clinton corruption.
    The political correspondents still don’t understand the politics of 2016, and continue to concentrate on the trivia of conventional politics that no longer apply, how the Donald has invested too little in infrastructure, how he struggles to manage the transition to the general election, how he’s unable to calibrate an uneven organization. All true, more or less, but the conventional pales before the unorthodox candidate with the gift for the memorable phrase or label that sticks to an opponent like something plastered on Velcro with Gorilla Glue.”

    full article

  5. neocon01

    Harbinger Of The Future: 7 Times The Militant Progressive Left Used Violence To Shut Down Donald Trump
    A woman wipes egg off her face after being pursued by protesters while leaving Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rally on Thursday, June 2, 2016, in San Jose, Calif. A group of protesters attacked Trump supporters who were leaving the presidential candidate’s rally in San Jose on Thursday night. A dozen or more people were punched, at least one person was pelted with an egg and Trump hats grabbed from supporters were set on fire on the ground. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)
    by NICHOLAS GILBERTSON25 Jun 2016Washington D.C.2,170

    As presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump gears up for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July – where he is almost certain to face angry progressive protesters – Breitbart News has compiled a list of the worst examples of anti-Trump violence so far this year………

  6. Tim Post author

    It’s going to get worse as the times comes for that piece of garbage to leave the white hut. Hopefully he will just loot the place and will not have to be drug out kicking and screaming.

  7. neocon01

    if only……
    The Impeachment and Arrest of Barack Hussein Obama

    We call for the immediate Impeachment and arrest of Barack Hussein Obama.
    For repeatedly subverted the Constitution of the United States of America and arrested for treason of malfeasance, high crimes, misdemeanors and derelict of duty. His actions has been detrimental to our economy, The Constitution and Americans safety. His conduct while President of the USA is in violation of his Constitution duties to take care that laws be faithfully executed. He is in violation of his oath of office. We also call for the removal of all cabinet, bureaucratic and judicial appointees made by President Obama and that all policies, proclamations and judicial decision made by said appointees nullified.

  8. neocon01

    ha ha ha ha ha wah wah wah…
    Feminists Upset That Physical Standards For Marines Are Too Tough for Women

  9. Tim Post author

    “ha ha ha ha ha wah wah wah…”

    Oh come on, you got a link for that. That would never happen. Wait. Ok. Yes it would.

    This week just keeps getting better. progtardia takes it on the chin over Brexit and george will leaves the repuke party. Might have to reconsider my party alignment again. Well, let us wait for a bit. See how many more #nevertards make the jump first.

  10. neocon01

    We don’t need gun control. We need Quran control.
    By Carol Brown
    Idiocy has taken hold, as Americans refuse to see the enemy before us. This dangerous ignorance, willful or otherwise, is getting people killed. I’m beginning to think nothing will wake people up, as their persistent focus in the wrong direction appears deeply entrenched. (Wrong direction = gun control and/or coexist and/or don’t offend Muslims and/or it’s always the fault of the evil white Westerner, and so on.)

    The commitment to self-destruction is so pervasive that one needn’t do exhaustive research to find examples of our plummet into the abyss. For a taste of this easy-to-find evidence that popped up all over the place in recent days, how the jihad in Orlando was, and still is, referred to as a “mass shooting.”

    Jihad may express itself as a mass shooting, but it’s driven by something unique to Islam that takes many forms – from kidnapping to rape to torture to murder to creeping sharia and all the sick and twisted hellish acts in the name of Allah that fall in between.


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