Monthly Archives: July 2016

It happened again.

Another attack in France. This time in Nice during a Bastille Day Celebration.


50 reported dead so far. Hostages taken in a Restaurant.  Gunfire reported.


More than likely another rop’er attack.


Get used to it.


Get used to the Idea of Trump in the White House too.


561 people killed by cops this year so far

86 were hispanic
136 were black
275 were white




Roughly 1 out of 4.


Have at it. I’m tired of all of this.

RIP Rule of Law

We are no longer a Nation of Laws. This is a nation of people who make up law on the spur of the moment and on personal whim.


No not feel to be constrained by any law. Get away with whatever you can.


Good Luck to you.