Lock her up! Lock her up!! Lock her up!!!

Day One donkytard big donor meeting.

What is going on.


People shouting….


“Lock her up!!!!.

Buy some popcorn and enjoy.

61 thoughts on “Lock her up! Lock her up!! Lock her up!!!

  1. Tim Post author

    BTW sarah. David Daleiden, you know that name right? He will be in Houston tomorrow. Looking very good that the last indictment against him will get quashed. Very damned good.
    That scrunt of a da will be lucky if she is not behind bars herself.

    Enjoy “your” shit show in Filly.

    1. Tim Post author

      Nope Does not look good anymore. The Judge killed the last charge. Gone. Goodbye to your phony ass indictments pp.


  2. Tim Post author

    Tear down this wall!!

    Um that is a wall around the donkeytardic podium in Filly. Security for me but not for thee assholes!! This is in addition to the 4 mile fence around the convention center.

    Eat it proles!! We are more equal! We are more equal!!

  3. neocon01


    al fn franken? are you kidding me??

    Dems confiscating pro-Sanders signs…
    Arrests and heat injuries…
    Storm forces reporters to evacuate media tent…
    Jeers for Pelosi at California Breakfast…
    Warren heckled: ‘We trusted you!’
    Wasserman booed off stage, escorted out by security…
    4 brutal poll numbers greet Clinton at convention…
    Franken Goes Full SNL On Trump…

  4. neocon01

    please please please do…….

    HILADELPHIA — It’s a perfect storm for rioting, as a combination of lax security, walled-off Democrat elites, and a huge mob of angry protesters have come together here at the Democratic National Convention.
    As heavy thunderstorms put a damper on the thousands of protesters gathered outside the DNC, I sat down with veteran video journalist Jeremy Segal a.k.a. Rebel Pundit for a cheesesteak dinner. We agree: if the leftist activists do not cause total chaos on the streets of Philadelphia in the next few days, it’s only because they choose not to.

  5. neocon01

    BLACK Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson Compares Jews to ‘Termites’

    hmmm, what if Jews campared blacks to turds?? why are blacks so racist and hateful of everyone but those blacks they do not murder??

  6. neocon01

    seems maybe our forefathers had it right…..feral low iq savages cant live free in a modern society.

    UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon, organizers of the Black Lives Matter march screamed at white reporters to adhere to a scheme of racial segregation.

    “White media get to the back! Black media come to the front!” shouted an organizer with a bullhorn.

    The organizer, annoyed that people weren’t immediately adhering to her instructions, began hectoring white journalists who hadn’t complied.

    “Excuse me, sir!” she yelled. “Somebody needs to tell this person to get to the back…. Somebody needs to tell these folks to get to the back!”

    “We are not afraid to put people out!” the organizer yelled. “White people to the back! Black people to the front!”

    “So Lincoln sacrificed the lives of 640,000 Americans to free this. Epic fail!” (sadly I have to agree)

    1. Tim Post author

      Mistakes that were made?

      1. Bringing Africans here as slaves to start with.
      2. Forming a Union with slave states and non slave states.
      3. Fighting a war over it.
      4. After said war was won, not shipping them back, lock stock and barrel.
      5. Allowing northward migration.

      Here we are today. donkeytards could not be more happy. africans are now self segregating in increasing numbers.

      1. Tim Post author

        Something along the lines of “those who have not studied History…….”

        Wait and see.

        cair already is warning every one not to backlash against next weeks muzzie inspired terror attack.


  7. neocon01

    hey DICK……er Weiner…….keep it zipped you Fn Moron..

    PHILADELPHIA — Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner says there’s only one thing that could bring him out of retirement: if there’s a Trump on the ticket in the 2017 New York Mayoral race., (or maybe a nekked night with bathhouse barry and a goat.)

  8. neocon01


    No the blood thirsty cult / geopolitical system of islam is, you Fn Moron!

  9. neocon01

    Meet Rocky MOOCHELLE the orangutan – the giant ape who has learnd to TALK like a “human” Ba Raaaakkkkk eek eek

  10. Tim Post author

    boing boing boiney goes back to Senate as an Independent not a donktard.

    They were no longer useful to him.

    Good move boing boing. They did not want you anyway asshole.

    1. neocon01

      Ooh man……thats baaaa- d, though she makes most of the DNC women look even worse as she is so much “better”

      and the sad part is we do pay these pigs to lay on their ass, graze, grow fat, and pump out murderous thugs.

  11. Tim Post author

    Catch prince 5 putt’s speech last night.

    Here is the transcript.

    Line1: vote for hillzebub
    Line 2: enough about that bitch
    Line3: Now about me
    Lines: infinity. I me my.

    End transcript.

  12. neocon01

    suicide by islam….

    Creeping Sharia in Health Care
    By Carol Brown
    Islamic supremacy is arriving in medical settings using stealth means, or what is often referred to as creeping sharia. Common themes include Muslim health care workers refusing to uphold infection control protocols, Muslim medical students refusing to study topics they deem forbidden according to Islamic law, Muslim visitors in hospitals ignoring hygiene guidelines to protect patients, and hospitals bending over backwards (or is it forwards?) to accommodate Muslim demands above and beyond anything done for members of any other religious or demographic group. Also covered are outright acts of violence perpetrated by Muslim men who attack hospital personnel.
    Islamic supremacy + dhimmitude = the end of civilized societies.


  13. neocon01

    even funnier

    Krauthammer made a great point yesterday…and I hesitate to give that pompous man any credit. But he pointed out
    how clever Trump was to set a trap for Hillary and she walked right into it. By accusing Trump of “espionage” when those “lost e-mails” are strictly supposed to be about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding, it negates the whole “National Security issue” the desperate Dems are peddling. The lying Hag Hillary can’t have it both ways…kudos to Charles. TRUMP/PENCE makes sense!

  14. neocon01

    Divided States of America: Obama Compares Republican Nominee to Jihadists

    and we compare obola to a porch monkey smoking a doobie, and their nominee to a muslim carpet cleaner licking the foam off the carpet.

  15. neocon01

    Neo-Nazi group holding ‘White Lives Matter’ rally in Cazenovia Park.

    meanwhile the feral dindo nuffins, chimpout

  16. neocon01

    PHOTO: Clinton campaign confiscates American flags — throws them on floor
    JULY 30, 2016
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign apparently has a love-hate relationship with the American flag.

    While they seemingly couldn’t get enough of them in Philadelphia, they’re literally discarding them in Pittsburgh.

    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Jason Cato posted a photo from inside Clinton’s Saturday rally in Pittsburgh that showed a pile of “confiscated” American flags in a heap on the floor.

  17. neocon01

    the WAR has started………SHOOTING soon to follow watch video..

    Video: Leftist Mob Violently Ejects Trump Supporter From New York City Park

    Kristinn Taylor Aug 1st, 2016 10:14 pm 632 Comments

    A young white man wearing one of Donald Trump’s red ‘Make America Great Again!” hats was violently forced out of New York City’s City Hall Park by a screaming Leftist racist mob of predominantly self-described ‘black and brown’ activists–all while police stood by and did nothing.

    The mob was gathered to protest police as part of a “#ShutDownCityHallNYC” rally in the park.


      1. neocon01

        the place has gone to hell…..Oh Wait!!

        caybe ole calvin umpteenth got jihaded and didnt get his demon credentials in the real hell…..ROTFLMAO!!

      2. neocon01

        Or, maybe $arAH’s feral savage boy friend murdered her…ill be watching the “first 48” for results.

  18. neocon01

    John Ashe UN employee scheduled to appear in court about money to Clinton’s whitehouse.
    Seth Rich scheduled to appear in court…..
    Shawn Lucas to deliver papers to court……
    All dead.
    Sounds like the Clinton’s are getting ready to enter our
    whitehouse again.

  19. neocon01

    mirror image?…..nope, the one on the left MUCH more dangerous.Guess which has obola and killery’s TOP advisor moles?

  20. Tim Post author

    Iranian nuke Scientist executed in iranistan. Why? kkklintoon emails, that is why.

    Add another body to pile boys.


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