Monthly Archives: August 2016

Trolling, how it is done….

You may have seen pictures of the father of the Pulse night Club mass murderer attending a hillzebub rally. Why was he there? Two reasons. To troll Trump into saying anything that what passes for a media can twist anyway they want.

Should just give the murderer’s daddy a gold star too right? Did not his sun die in “combat” also? Combatting the infidel that is.


The second reason is that donktards no longer need the homosexual vote. The homosexual population in this Country barely exceeds 1.5%. The muzzie population has or will surpass that.


Do you get that sarah? The party you choose to support now openly embraces those who wish to kill you. You and freddie should take a close look at what you have allied with.


Your own death sentence.


Have a nice Day.