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Trump calls a bomb a bomb. progtardia goes apeshit.


Go figure.


In other news despite the fact that eight were injured in the knife attack and twenty-nine in the bombing, gary johnson of the libertarian party is glad that no one was injured.

Weed gary, stay out ob da weed, you ass hat.

Random Thoughts Open Thread.

Moved back to the House near Peoria. It had been closed up for a couple of years and needed a bit of work to get livable again. This house was built in 1853 and has been added to and modified ever since. It is still on a solid foundation and will last as long as someone will keep it up.

Now that Daughter Number Two has been married for 3 months it was time to turn the other House over to her and her older Sister who’s Families will have room to grow. Still feels strange not having them under the same roof. A bit of empty nest syndrome I guess.

Trump. What is there to say about him? One man against the uniparty-goobermint-media apparatus. He is taking them all down, I can not wait for election night and for the first solid hillzebub State to come in all for Trump. The Monster Vote is real. As real as it was for the Great One back in 80.


Got something to say? Say it.


Check in please Sarah. I am getting worried that you got invited to take a walk in Fort Marcy Park.