Monthly Archives: November 2016

Have a Joyous Thanksgiving!

Things to be thankful for?


Family that loves you no matter your politics and will not disinvute you no matter who you vofed for.

Friends that do the same as above.

A Church that keeps the Faith. People think that Brick and Mortar Churches are the only “true Churches” are mistaken. If you are online sharing fellowship and the Word, you have a Church that Jesus would recognize. Nothing against the Brick and Mortar Churches, I go to one often, but they are not the only source of the Word of God.

God for providing me the abilities that I have. To feed and clothe and provide shelter to my love ones.

Finally I am thankful that hillary rotten clinton will never be the President of the United States.


Thank You Sarah Bloch!

Way back when, when nobody not even Moi considered Donald J Trump, the only person to call this correct was our very own Forker Sarah Bloch.

She said “This is Trump’s election to lose”

He did not lose.

Come back Sarah, I still love you!