….and the Young shall lead us….

Who are the Young?  The #gamergate crowd that was the first to really push back against cultural marxism. They are mostly Millennials. The “moops” at The Donald Trump sub reddit who did some damn fine work during the campaign season. And of course, the self described “Autists” at 4chan.


All Young people who already have had enough proggie bullshit in their life.


More power to them all!




15 thoughts on “….and the Young shall lead us….

  1. Tim Post author

    By the look on this muzzies face, the Pup has em by what little manhood he has. The way things are looking Gert Wilders Party is going to win the Dutch Election outright. This just adds icing onto the anti-globalist cake.

    AfD in Germany probably will not win the German Election outright. What the will do is get enough Seats in the Bundesrat to force the CDU to scramble to get a coalition together. This coalition will force Germany even farther to the globalist left wich will in turn forment more riots and unrest.

    Fun Fun.


  2. Tim Post author

    Anyone seen this new “hands up, don’t shoot” vid?
    saint mikey is no longer a shop lifter. He is a drug dealer instead.
    Now we have to change his name to “saint dr. feelgood”

    1. Tim Post author

      Supposedly st. mikey had traded the drugs for some Swisher Sweets given by an employee. Now follow along here proggies. I know its hard but you can do it. What we have now is st. mikey in possession of drugs with the intent to deliver. He supposedly delivered the drugs and came back the next day for his cigars. Both of these actions are, possession with the intent to deliver and the delivery, Felonies.

      Now let us exercise our white privilege and go back to the Swisher Sweets. Those belonged to Store and not the employees. st’ mikey is now in possession of stolen goods less than $250.00 which is a misdemeanor.

      He went from committing one felony to committing two felonies and a misdemeanor. I do not think these idiots thought much, if at all, about what they were putting on video.

      Moral of the story proggies. Do not believe in your own propaganda. It never works on a critically thinking person. You have the sjw types already. Every time you jokers open your gums, you lose a few fence sitters.

      You can not help yourselves though and for that I thank you from the bottom of my White, North European, Christian, Male, U.S. Army Veteran, Married. Father of Seven, AGW denying, President Donald J. Trump, supporting Heart.


  3. neocon01

    bounced from FB…..30 days LOL

    seems when someone asked for a one word description to a picture of bathhouse barry I kept it clean and posted “FAG”, I guess this is a major PC no no….lol

  4. Tim Post author

    While the special snowflakes were busy drinking their hot chocolate and curling up by the space heater, the 3rd Infantry Marches on.

    Credit for the pic to J.J. Sefton. Co Blogger at Ace of Spades and his own

    I admire these Men greatly. They are more reliable than anyone else in this Country. They are ALWAYS on the job. I could never be one of them. I was born born a Redleg and shall pass as one.


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