Maybe, just maybe…….

Senator Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky will have to be removed from the rino backstabbing asshole list. The Supreme Court Filibuster is gone. Think about it. Gorsuch will now be approved no matter what. Think about what that means for the near future then think about what that means long term.

For the near future President Trump’s travel bans will go back in force. Any 404 care items that get to the Court will be, more than likely, be gone too. For the long term it means anywhere from 2-4 more appointments to the SC by President Trump.  If he keeps his promise and I see no reason why he will not, those appointments will come from his list of 30 solid Conservative Judges.

This means the commietard muzzie lovers masquerading as the donktard party would have to pack the Court again to overturn anything. If Senator McConnell keeps delivering these big ones, I see no commietard control of the Senate long term.

Eat it proggie bitches. “Law of the Land” and all that. Oh wait, I effn forgot. That only applies when you asshats are in power. I do beg your pardon.

And…..just for you Major……

Make America Great Again!


26 thoughts on “Maybe, just maybe…….

  1. neocon01

    Boo Fn Hoo…goose/gander thing?

    April 6, 2017
    Democrat hypocrisy on support for the filibuster
    By Rick Moran
    Democrats in the Senate are nearly unanimous in their support for the filibuster despite holding the exact opposite position just a few years ago.

    In fact, it was Democrat majority leader Harry Reid who began to dismantle the filibuster when, in 2013, he employed his own “nuclear option” in order to approve all federal judges except supreme court nominees. At that time, it was Republicans in opposition – a position they have also flipped on in 2017.

    Now, with the nomination of a Republican supreme court justice, Democrats are singing a different tune. Their battle cry is “minority rights” – as if that mattered at all in 2013 when they first blew up the filibuster.

    It’s just one reason why today, the current majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is expected to use the nuclear option to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

    full article

  2. Tim Post author

    miz sotero has been in a place with no Extradition Treaty with the U.S. For a nice bit of time now. Wonder if she plans on coming back now that the poop is hitting the fan?

    Whatta think forkers?

  3. bardolf2

    A great day for the SCOTUS!

    I want to get you veterans opinion on the whole Syria thing. IMO, Trump literally loses half his base with a trillion-dollar, let’s make this Mideast country into a better place, war. All those refugees pour into Europe, making it a bigger powder-keg. We get a big enemy in Russia …

    Clinton killed 1/2 million kids in Iraq and nobody blinked an eye. I think we need to step back from being the world cop for a couple years. What say you fellows?

    1. Tim Post author

      Absolutely agree. We need to wait until we have some better info on the damage though. From just what is available that has not been much except a few holes in the runways which can be easily repaired.

      Looks like the Russians knew it was coming and did not inform Assad about it.

      Until better info is out there, I am gonna say this is nothing other than Teh Donald firing up the kabuki machine.

      1. neocon01

        With Iran, and NK openly threatening us with nuclear war, china openly aggressive in the region, the donald had to let the world see there is a new sheriff in town and he aint taking names, he will kick your ASS if threatened.

        Russia was warned before hand ( maybe a new investigation? lol) and XI was at Fla so this came as no surprise….I DONT want to see another war but what can you do when there are crazy musloons rampaging across the globe?

    2. neocon01

      Dr B, yes on the world cop,
      however we have real enemies in the ME – ie Iran who has been getting bolder and more aggressive by the day I think this was a warning shot across the bow to the crazies around the world Bathhouse barry the gay muslim traitor is GONE and America is emerging out of the ashes of his cowardness and treason, DONT Fuck with bull you may get the horn.

  4. neocon01

    “The Trump administration has had a rocky start. There was the defeat on Obamacare, staffing the departments has been far too slow, the National Security Advisor lasted only three weeks, there has clearly been infighting in the White House staff, and there have certainly been too many tweets.

    But that 75-day break-in period has just ended, and the Trump administration can truly be said to have started only now. The president has been chief executive since January 20, but this week he acted also as Commander in Chief. And more: He finally accepted the role of Leader of the Free World.

    This was unexpected: He had appeared to say, during the campaign, that this kind of global leadership role was just too expensive. We were tired of it, tired of having others take advantage of us. We could not solve all the world’s problems.

    But the strike at Syria had at its heart precisely that kind of global leadership, to enforce the century-old ban on chemical warfare—in the interest of decency and peace. His remarks ended with words that many predecessors, from Wilson to Roosevelt, and Kennedy to Reagan, might have spoken: “as long as America stands for justice then peace and harmony will prevail.”

    1. Tim Post author

      Eff the week standard and those rino asshats. They would not know leadership when they saw it. The war mongering effsticks.

  5. Tim Post author

    Staffing the departments? You mean the senate slow walking every nomination? You mean all the Russia garbage coming from mclame and the that asshole from South Carolina grahm?

    eff em all.

    Back stabbing President Trump at every opportunity and the weekly standard is cheering them on. Only becomes President when he lobs a few missiles and makes things go splodey.

    Yeah We understand what the weekly standard wants. War would increase readership and profits.Maybe the assholes at the weekly standard would like to pick up a rifle and go to Syria to enforce what ever twisted notion of decency and peace they dream of.

    effn cowards. The lot of them.

  6. Tim Post author

    Chemical weapons redline? WTF? The dipshit in nor-ko is slowly killing his whole population by starvation? Is that not also a crime against human rights?

    Oh wait, those guys are a bunch a fucking commietards already approved by captain mclame and the carolina gheyman
    No bombs for you!

  7. Tim Post author

    Reports show that Syrian Air Force Planes are again operating from this “destroyed” base.

    The damage was minimal for all practicable purposes. The Planes that were “destroyed” more than likely, were out of service hulks anyway.

    This was all a kabuki show meant not for Assad but the norks and that chicommietard prez’nit that was with President Trump.

  8. Tim Post author


    Everyone wants war. I guess they can have it. Be nice if the ones that want war would go fight it themselves but that will not happen.

  9. neocon01

    The captain of an aircraft is like that of a ship he has absolute authority, the company needed to relocate another crew so they were ready to fly out in the morning.
    This ass clown was asked to vacate the aircraft several times and he refused, The police were called and he still refused their orders to de plane so he was physically removed…id kick the dicks ass my self…..

    1. Tim Post author

      Who ever is at fault, UA really has a PR nightmare on their hands. That is the plain truth.

      IDK enough about the law but some sources say that once a passenger is seated, he/she/it has to fly. Another sure thing. Airport Security sure as hell did not cover themselves in Glory on this one.

      One interesting thing is why the heck was the Chicago PD apologizing for something they had nothing to do with?




  10. neocon01

    Passenger Audra Bridges, who uploaded a video of the incident to Facebook, told the newspaper that United initially offered customers $400 and a hotel room if they offered to take a flight the next day at 3pm. Nobody chose to give up the seat that they paid for, so United upped the ante to $800 after passengers boarded, announcing that the flight would not leave until four stand-by United employees had seats. After there were still no takers, a manager allegedly told passengers that a computer would select four passengers to be kicked off the flight.

    The man in the video apparently claimed to be a doctor who had appointments with patients the next morning. After he refused to give up his seat, Bridges says a security official threw him “against the armrest before dragging him out of the plane.” According to Bridges, the seemingly disoriented man came back onto the plane with blood on his face and the crew asked passengers to go back to the gate so that United crew could “tidy up” the plane.

  11. neocon01

    On Saturday morning, the front pages of American news outlets were plastered with photos of North Korean “Frankenmissiles” being paraded through the streets of Pyongyang. Less than 24 hours later, the tin-pot dictatorship tested a ballistic missile that reportedly fizzled in a matter of seconds. Now, U.S. authorities are showing signs that a conflict can be averted.

  12. neocon01

    HOAX big time… and jessah to arrive on scene in 3-2-1 – along with blm, nbpp, noi, and will threaten TO BURN SANFORD TO THE GROUND as they did when tra von met his better.
    of course our valiant governor will give them the keys to the city and a flame thrower to appease the racist gods.


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