Fill in the blank, conservatives have conserved _______________.

In conservative Colorado, the city of Denver has decided to decriminalize public defecation.

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, what exactly have conservatives actually conserved.   Life, culture, religion, academia, communities, marriage, …?

Is it conservative to continue wasting blood in Afghanistan,  to pretend Iran is the cause of Saudi terrorism and to believe that dialogue with people who hate the GOP is useful?


20 thoughts on “Fill in the blank, conservatives have conserved _______________.

  1. Tim

    About the only thing I can think of is the 2nd Amendment. That is mainly the work of the NRA. I could not say if “conservatives” in the political sense has anything to do with it.

    1. bardolf2 Post author

      Lol, people with guns are allowed their constitutional right to have guns. Literally, the only right which isn’t easily taken away by other people with guns.

  2. Tim

    Speaking of “conservatives”, other than Senator Cotton, has any repub came out and supported President Trump? None that I can think of. Has any repub came out and denounced the assassination attempt by a bernietard? Nope, not to my knowledge, not without blaming repubs too.

    I guess they are too busy protecting their heavy hitter status. Not so?

  3. Tim

    To the tune of “The Devil Went down to Georgia.

    Written by Ace of Spades Commenter and Professional Musician who goes by the name Berserker.

    The commies went down to Georgia
    they were looking for a seat to steal
    they were in a bind, ’cause they’re way behind
    and America’s refusing to kneel

    When they came across this man boy
    wearing pajamas and diddling his twat
    Soros jumped up on Hillary’s rump
    and said boy let me tell you what

    You probably could have guessed it
    But I’m a fellow commie too
    And were running out of citizens
    who we can tax and screw

    Now you wear some fine pajamas boy
    so give ol’ satan his due
    I got a mountain of gold to buy your soul
    and take trump down a level or two

    The boy said my name’s jonny ossoff
    with his hipster beta grin
    maybe girls will like me
    and mommy says I’ll win

    Jonny polish up your speech
    and hone your line of shit
    the Georgians see just what you are
    you carpet bagging twit

    If you win, the media will likely kiss your ass
    but if you lose we’re out a ton of cash

    Jonny let them plead their case
    and said lets start this show
    the media spewed their talking points
    hoping jonny’s balls would grow
    election day is ours said soros with an evil hiss
    and as we all expected, it turned out just like this-

    The Donald sat back in his chair
    and said you’re fuckin’ done
    so pull that thumb out of your ass
    cause you’re the reason why I won

    Leftists flaming out one by one
    pissing through cash by the metric ton
    America spoke and is letting you know
    Hillary as president no, hell no.

    when Tuesday night was over
    the left knew that it was beat
    they stood around in silence
    staring at their flaccid meat

    The Trumpster said just come on back
    just tell me where and when
    ’cause I told you silly assholes
    America will be great again.

  4. Tim

    Does anyone else remember when punching back would not be prudent because it would just fall into the hands of msm?


    Oh how wrong can you be there?

    1. bardolf2 Post author

      the lamestream media has lost all credibility and now has competition as regular people realize that if they get off their duffs with a camera they are more likely to discover news than some ditz sitting behind looking at the internet.

    1. bardolf2 Post author

      Happy 4th of July and thanks to all the Vets who sacrificed so much to ensure the passing of this great country from our ancestors to our descendants.

  5. Tim

    A Very Happy Independence Day all!

    Think of this. We have a President now that didn’t spend 20 plus years pretending to be born somewhere other than the United States or so that dog eater says!


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