Where are we going?

Tough question to ask. One direction according to the legacy media another direction according to the alternative media. One thing you can count on is that very far alt left has taken control of what once was the democrat party and re invented itself as a true communist, America hating entity.

You can’t have a society where a third of the population actively hate the place they live in. All you have to do is pay attention to the institution that the far alt left has wormed their into. The list is staggering. The list is long. It would appear the left is winning.

It would appear that the far alt left has very little opposition to its agenda.

That appearance is not correct. Search youtube. Look for videos of kids showing respect as a funeral procession going by. Look for kids flying American Flags when the honchos at the school tell them can not. Look for vids of people helping each other regardless of race, color, creed, whatever.

Do not let people who would benefit from making you angry, make you angry.

Follow the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have do unto you.

Be well.



15 thoughts on “Where are we going?

  1. Tim Post author

    I am finding it very easy to just ignore John “half a kill away from being an enemy ace” mccain.
    He just does not register with me. Along with most other western state so called republicans.

    Thank God that he was not elected though. Who knows where the nukes may have flown. Sometimes you do win by losing. mccain is one of those times.

    America endures. It sunk to the bottom but a New Yorker of all people is making in raise to top again. A fighter that can think. Reminds me of another guy from New York.

    MAGA Bitches


  2. Tim Post author

    President Trump meets with lil fat boy Kim.

    what do proggies say?

    muh rooshia! muh rooshia!!
    As the President would say…


    1. Tim Post author

      Not a peep from black lives matter. Not a peep from rahmmie boi. Like I said many times before, as long as the survivors keep voting 95% progtard. The dead always vote 100% progtard.

      This will never change. This will never end.

  3. Tim Post author

    It would be easy to post a hundred comments a day. The outrage machine is in full gear. Voicing displeasure would be a simple task to accomplish.

    To what end? Join the Chorus of Voices? Again, to what end.

    Just be prepared. Full Magazines and Sharp Blades are the order of the day.

  4. Tim Post author

    googlag is censoring Conservative voices here while sucking chicom penis over there.

    If you use a apple product or use the googlelag search engine or youtube, I guess you agree with that business model?

  5. neocon01

    OOH YEAH!!

    “Racism against whites
    By Apolo Villalobos
    Unless you’ve been asleep for the past couple of years, you’ve been aware of a tsunami of racism directed against white people, said racism being stoked principally by whites who are leftists, if not outright communists. True, there have been some blacks and some Mexicans who have expressed this racism, but it is principally by leftist whites. Some of these statements by liberals are so bizarre, so disgusting, that one could be excused in thinking they came from certifiable psychotics.”

    more here



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