19 thoughts on “Ayyyyyyyeeeee We’re ALL gonna DIE!!!!

    1. Tim

      I think that’s a given. No way to not meet your maker.

      This is just another leftist/socialist/progressive/communist, power grab and it is dis-enheartening to see how many so called “republicans” went along with it.

      Once the cdc admitted to cooking the books, anyone with a functioning brain cell should have known what a farce this is.

      1. Laura Jean Logan

        The Marxists are making their move for the one world order. Taking over the US is key to taking over the world. I fear that they have been at this game for so long, almost 100 years, that it has reached the tipping point of no return. how can we stop this if no one even knows we are at war?

  1. Jeremiah

    Laura Jean Logan,

    A little time will tell. The left has promised a violent outcome if President Trump wins reelection, which I’m confident he will. Everything will depend though on how well the response is from the federal level to the violence of the left-wing anarchists. I know that people are getting tired of their businesses being burned and looted, their entire livelihoods being destroyed. And now the anarchists have promised to move into the suburbs, to terrorize residents. At some point, people will have to stand up and start defending their businesses and neighborhoods, if the federal government doesn’t step in despite the lack of approval from the commie governors and mayors of the cities and states where the anarchists are generally located, it’s the only place they’re allowed to terrorize communities without repercussions.

    That said, I think it will be incumbent on the federal government to have troops mobilized and stationed at every major city in the U.S. ready to take immediate action should violence breakout. This to prevent anything from being destroyed. Because I think this could be the tipping point of a Civil War 2 if action isn’t taken quickly to stop the left. The DOJ and others can’t just lolly gag around and say “we’ll wait and deal with it when it happens.” Or, “We have to get approval from the mayors and governors.” No, because we’ve already seen what that looks like. Minneapolis is gone. Democrat mayors and governors will let their cities burn to the ground before they will ask for the national guard, or military assistance of any kind.

    Another thing that Democrat mayors and governors have failed to do is authorize their cities police to use deadly force in order to prevent their officers from being injured. One just today was injured so badly, he had to be airlifted to the hospital. They could stop this in one second, if they would only authorize their officers to use their service weapons. Again though, we’re dealing with Democrat mayors, and they’re not going to do anything to stop the communist insurrectionists. The American people then don’t have many options, their mayors and governors are approving the commie insurrection, and they’re not going to ask for federal assistance, and the federal government won’t go in unless asked, which they could go in without their approval to protect lives and property…then at some point, people have to take a stand and stop the insurrection.

    I believe if American patriots take action against the communists (antifa/blm), we should not stop until there aren’t any commies left. And no one wants to see a civil war, that’s the last thing on peoples minds, but it’s the difference in taking action to prevent coming under a communist regime, and watching the left erect the communist flag over the White House, hopping on cattle cars riding to our burial site, most probably a mass grave.

    1. Jeremiah

      Hey Tim,

      Hope y’all are doing well!

      I haven’t been around much, and for that I apologize. However, I do like to chime in when the urge hits me.

    1. neocon01 Post author


      Hey GUYS and Gal………Im still kicking, raising hell on GAB now. LOL
      maybe we can get a few to post on here and restore the glory days of destroying the FORKERS LOL

      Hope you are Both doing well, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
      We will need it when the commies go bat shit crazy when Trump is re elected….. Im 100% ready.
      MAGA !!

    2. neocon01 Post author

      Hey Jer,,,, 🙂
      I believe both should go to the GALLOWS
      with both kkklintoons, bathhouse barry and mike….

      1. Jeremiah

        Hey Neo 😊👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸,

        I agree! It’s unreal how corrupt these people are!

    3. Laura Jean Logan

      Hi Tim,
      I just wanted you to know that my husband Neocon01 (Bill) passed away Jan 17. He had a triple bypass and then caught the CCP flu in the hospital and the pneumonia from that killed him. He was 75 and in a very weakened state. He was so fn pissed off that the Communists killed him 50 years after he fought them in Vietnam. Anyway, he fought hard until the end, still giving his daily rants against the downfall of our great country.

      1. Jeremiah

        I’m very sorry for your loss, Laura. Bill was a good man. He will surely be missed. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. neocon01 Post author

    The fork hasn’t posted in a few years, maybe its “crew” of one – died and really went to HELL…ooh the irony.

  3. neocon01 Post author

    sniffy PEDO joe = DIRTY then, DIRTY NOW…..

    @Ephraim319A The government has tried everything imaginable to discredit and destroy me. There are no words to describe the torture that I have endured. The level of corruption is unconscionable.

    My problems started during the 1980’s after having a personal problem with Joe Biden and members of the du Pont family. I operated DuPont Model Management with Catalina Leisenring, who was the daughter-in-law of Julia du Pont Leisenring. Catalina was married to Edward “Ted” Leisenring, a very good friend of Biden’s. During the 1980’s I published an article in a company newsletter about Biden’s first presidential campaign paying Catalina thousands for photography work (Catalina is also a photographer).

    Biden went ballistic and contacted me multiple times with threats, including violence. At the time Biden was having an affair with Catalina, and would frequently visit our offices located at 11 DuPont Circle in DC and have sex with Catalina.

    After being threatened by Biden, the FBI, Postal Inspectors, and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started terrorizing me for years. When the court ordered me to provide depositions to the FTC regarding DuPont Model Management, I went into detail about everything that transpired between Biden, Catalina, and myself. There were also several meetings with federal prosecutors for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Copies of the newsletters and excerpts from the depositions were filed with the court, and are available at the clerk’s office.

    I will be released from prison on October 15, 2020, and will be residing in the Chicago area. I will be available for interviews and additional polygraph tests regarding my claims about Biden, or any of the du Pont family members involved. When the FBI raided my Greenwich Village apartment they confiscated over 10,000 photos and negatives, including hundreds of me with Biden and several members of the du Pont family.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  4. neocon01 Post author

    Ha ha ha ha ha….LAST POST…..AMF you POS…
    Posted in BIGOTED POPULISM, BIGOTRY on 15/02/2018 by Cavalor

    MAD ravings of insanity……..may he rest in HELL….

    My view of mankind on Earth is greater than anyone living on Terra today can fathom. I was born in the year 1635 C.E. and have lived these nearly 400 years witnessing history as man as species emerged in the flash of Enlightenment into the age of Technology. Consider this, if you are man who has lived to be 70 years of age on Terra I have been frustrated more times than the number of days he has lived. I have watched brutal religious wars cull hundreds of thousands of Souls from the ranks of the Living. I have watched as a great emerging nation turned on itself over the rights of men to be free from bondage. I have watch female Human Beings struggle to be free from their gilded cage built by the lusty hands of those who wish to keep them silent, compliant and available.

    Now in my 384th year, I stand witness to the trials and tribulations of history yet again. I am not a fan of the man sitting in the American White House”

  5. neocon01 Post author

    These unfettered administrative agencies, collectively, are the Swamp. The Swamp’s members have attempted a coup against the White House; they have set up an internal resistance against their constitutional boss, President Trump; and they have actively harassed people who don’t toe the Democrat party line, whether through the IRS, the BLM, or myriad other alphabet soup agencies.

    That’s why it’s important that President Trump is finally acting against the policy-makers in the federal bureaucracy. His “Executive Order on Creating Schedule F In The Excepted Service” allows a presidential administration to look beyond the checkboxes of “competitive service selection procedures” to determine whether upper-level management employees in the federal service are doing a good job.


    According to an article from the Washington Post,

    The directive, issued late Wednesday, strips long-held civil service protections from employees whose work involves policymaking, allowing them to be dismissed with little cause or recourse, much like the political appointees who come and go with each administration.

    Federal scientists, attorneys, regulators, public health experts and many others in senior roles would lose rights to due process and in some cases, union representation, at agencies across the government. The White House declined to say how many jobs would be swept into a class of employees with fewer civil service rights, but civil service experts and union leaders estimated anywhere from tens of thousands


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