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Have a Joyous Thanksgiving!

Things to be thankful for?


Family that loves you no matter your politics and will not disinvute you no matter who you vofed for.

Friends that do the same as above.

A Church that keeps the Faith. People think that Brick and Mortar Churches are the only “true Churches” are mistaken. If you are online sharing fellowship and the Word, you have a Church that Jesus would recognize. Nothing against the Brick and Mortar Churches, I go to one often, but they are not the only source of the Word of God.

God for providing me the abilities that I have. To feed and clothe and provide shelter to my love ones.

Finally I am thankful that hillary rotten clinton will never be the President of the United States.




Nine Christians were murdered while they were praying.

This was indeed a hate crime against Christians.

The narrative is racism. You do not make money reporting Christophobia.

Crusades Vs. Jihad

Our President is quite the orator when it comes to standing in front of a podium, and many are bedazzled by his speeches, though not nearly as many today as was first the case when he was elected 6 six years ago. He was the “answer to many peoples prayers,” as it were. America would soon realize, however, that “the-one-they-had-all-been-waiting-for” had a vision with only himself, and his closest advisers in mind. The “fundamental transformation” of America, which he spoke of to get himself elected has been nothing short of a success, taking the country to its lowest levels since the Great Depression of the 1920s – 30s. He has also given America a bad reputation among our allies, and presented us as weak to nations that hate us for who we are, and the freedoms that we stand to fight for. Nations in Europe and the Middle East are in disarray, many are in great fear for their very lives as we speak, not knowing when they may take their last breath to the knife or bullet in the hands of Muslims. Yet, Mr. Obama seems to care very little for their plight, while he strolls to his next green in a golf cart, but when confronted with the very simple task of commenting on the brutality of Muslims in the Middle East, he, instead of condemning the actions of Muslims, equivocates them to the Crusades of the 11 century…

Perhaps Mr. President should take a course in history before actually commenting on something for which he hasn’t the slightest clue what he is talking about. On the other hands, perhaps he knows the true accounts that had taken place, and only wishes to re-write them to fit his own narrative for what took place so many centuries ago. My bet is that he is guilty on both counts. He should take some initiative to educate himself, as well as stop twisting the truth to fit a false narrative for which he is notoriously known.

Comparing Islam and Christianity is as simple as comparing day to night, Let us be clear, there is no moral equivalent in what took place from one end of the Mediterranean to the other, from Clermont all the way to Jerusalem – to what is taking place today all over the world by the Muslim world.

The primary goal of the Crusades was recapture the Holy Land for which the Christian Jewish nations of that era had rightfully in their possession, but was taken siege by Muslims around 1053. This created a separation between the Eastern and Western Church, the hope then was that both East and West could be reunited, and therefore win heaven. Christians, for centuries held the Holy Land in high esteem, and pilgrimages to its holy places became on of the highest acts of devotion. But now, the Seljuk Turks, who had now become Muslims were threatening the Byzantine Empire. Thus, if Christians were to unite both branches of the Church they had to practice war for the sake of the empire and the whole Christian way of life.

It is a rather long story, but one of great interest to those who seek a better understanding of the events that took place and how they correspond with our current world. Let it be known, however, that what took place then by the Christian Church had no bearing on what Muslims have been doing since the time of Muhammed and his erroneous visions of “Jihad” for his followers. The Christian Church did not start a crusade as an act of converting people, she did not pride herself in the pillaging (sacking), raping, and murdering infidels as those of the Muslim religion do. Christianity is not a “convert or die” philosophy, and no act proclaiming such can use Christianity for its defense, and therefore, should not be used as an example to justify the actions of other religious belief systems, or their philosophical underpinnings. Free and prosperous nations have a right to defend themselves from those who seek to do them great harm.