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Maybe, just maybe…….

Senator Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky will have to be removed from the rino backstabbing asshole list. The Supreme Court Filibuster is gone. Think about it. Gorsuch will now be approved no matter what. Think about what that means for the near future then think about what that means long term.

For the near future President Trump’s travel bans will go back in force. Any 404 care items that get to the Court will be, more than likely, be gone too. For the long term it means anywhere from 2-4 more appointments to the SC by President Trump.  If he keeps his promise and I see no reason why he will not, those appointments will come from his list of 30 solid Conservative Judges.

This means the commietard muzzie lovers masquerading as the donktard party would have to pack the Court again to overturn anything. If Senator McConnell keeps delivering these big ones, I see no commietard control of the Senate long term.

Eat it proggie bitches. “Law of the Land” and all that. Oh wait, I effn forgot. That only applies when you asshats are in power. I do beg your pardon.

And…..just for you Major……

Make America Great Again!

The United States of America

Railing against the one party unistate? Wondering why the repukes in congress go along with the donktards and just do not seem to give a damn about our Country and Constitution?

Do not wonder anymore. The answer is not complicated at all. However it was stated by one of those old, dead, White Guys’, so you progtards can ignore it at will. You authoritarians supposedly on the Right of the Political Spectrum can also do the same.

“Our Constitution was written for a Religious and Moral People…..”

Need I say more?

Open thread as always. Say it.

Assualt on the 1st Amendment

A tv network has now withdrawn a dumb show about nothing really. The reason why is that the car in that show has a Confederate Flag painted on it. I guess the powers that be do not think that anyone is capable of deciding if they want to watch that show or not.

National Parks are removing Confederate themed merchandise from their store shelves. I guess that they also do not believe that people are capable of making a decision to buy that product or not.

amazon,ebay, and a host of others have removed products that also have Confederate themes to them. You are not fit to decide if you want theses particular products or not.

You are fit to decide if you want nazi or communist themed crap. These two political systems are responsible for the murder of over 300 million Human Beings but what the hell, you have to crack eggs if you want omelets.

Right now the Assault on the 1st Amendment is purely voluntary. Soon it will be mandatory. The gub’mint will decree it and progtards like Sarah will applaud.

Freedom of Assembly. Freedom to Petition for Redress. Freedom of Association. Along with Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Worship how we choose, these freedoms are buckling under constant assault by Sarah and her ilk.

You want to stand together? Take the lead then. Leadership by Example. I have always believed in that as a personal philosophy. Prove that you are capable of leading by actions instead of words. Until then I and the rest of my ilk will ignore you.

You have one more hill to retreat from. After you give up this hill there is only one left. We have seen how you treat the 1st Amendment though. Places like power line and hot air lead the way in this. They delete any and all dissension from the ranks and ban the posters. This is also the way of the veggie crew.

They delete Speech they do not like, claim exemption for 1st Amendment rules by claiming that it is a privately owned site, then they constantly post articles griping about “media bias” from people who also are privately owned. I give them a break with pbs/npr since they are Tax Payer supported but when was the last time either of them were singled out for bias?

Been awhile has it not?

The actions of the veggie crew should lead anyone who has followed that site for any length of time should give you an indication on what they will do to preserve their 1st Amendment Rights. If your answer is little to nothing, I would have to say you are correct. They will surrender those Rights without much of a fuss.

No more Hills to retreat from. Now there is only one left.

Knowing our History

When you take a look back at the happenings of the infamous leftwing revolutions one thing should stand out for the disciples of progtardia. That thing being, what happened to the so called Intelligentsia of those revolutions.

The vast majority of them were sent to gulags, concentration camps, killing fields, or what have you. The enables of the revolution, those that worked the most to tear down the Society that was prevalent and replace it with glorious progtardia, were deemed disposable by the very people they put into power.

It is no different today with those self identified progtopiaists. If and that is a very big if they succeed in gaining their paradise here in this Country, anywhere from 95-99% of them will be “disposed” of by the revolution.

History shows this. Find out for yourself. If you are a progtard I would be more worried about getting sent to one of shillary’s “fun” camps than worring about why I do not want to bake a Cake for you or take Pictures of your “wedding”

Chew on it peeps.

P.S. Tagged “fat assed joisey beach ball” cuz I like reminding People that he is a fat ass, and, I like typing “fat assed joisey beach ball”. It has a certain ring to it.

The Second Waco Massacre

Yesterday a firefight broke out at biker bar in Waco, Texas. You can find details at Drudge or just about anywhere else. I will not get into the details of the fight.

Some progtardic sites are using this as an example of “see!!! whites do it too!!!”

Race has been and never will be cause. Culture. Can you progtards get it through you think Skulls that it is CULTURE not race. Those bikers share the same Culture of those inner city “yutes” They are kindred spirits. They share the same traits.

The Laws that they break. Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Turf Wars. Disdain for even the most basic Authority. No Moral Compass to speak of, especially when it comes to respect for Human Life.

Those bikers that murdered each other had everything in common with the rioters that destroyed fergAstan and bmorstan.

They had nothing in common with Western Judeo-Christian Culture.

Culture is all it has ever been about. Those that inject race into everything live on the left side of the Aisles.

What the “Left” wants.

Make no mistake about it. What the left wants is total power. Power over everything. If it involves your daily life and routine the left wants to regulate. The total abolition of all God given rights will be in the hands of Mental Patients like Sarah Bloch. You will have no right to anything except what Sarah wants you to have.

You can not compromise with a jack booted thug. Make no mistake about that either. As long as Sarah wields the power of the jack booted thug, she is fine with it. It only effects those she hates.

Make no mistake again. Politics and elections are not the Savior you are looking for. The Savoir you are looking is named Jesus the Christ. Yaweh ben Yaweh. God son of God. In his teachings and in Him you will find Salvation.

You should read up on sword buying. It do you some good. Stand Together? No. Never. I will not accept that. You did not stand by us when we warned over and over again. You stuck your head in the sand and pretended that we did not exist. You pretended to be better and above us.

Stand on your own two feet if you have them. Find the Courage you need. We can not give that to you.In all our imperfections and perceived biases we stay true to who and what we are.  So do you.

“You shall know them by the company they keep”

Truer words never have been spoken.

Rand Paul announces…

He is running for POTUS.


Rand Paul is a walking shotgun with the trigger wired back and a thumb on the hammer. You just do not know where that thing will be pointing when the thumb gets too tired.

Better than jebward or any of the other gopE pond scum.

1. Cruz

2. Walker

3. Paul

UPDATE About time someone with a R after their name did this.

Who would of thought it would be Rand. Better get on your game Ted.