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Maybe, just maybe…….

Senator Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky will have to be removed from the rino backstabbing asshole list. The Supreme Court Filibuster is gone. Think about it. Gorsuch will now be approved no matter what. Think about what that means for the near future then think about what that means long term.

For the near future President Trump’s travel bans will go back in force. Any 404 care items that get to the Court will be, more than likely, be gone too. For the long term it means anywhere from 2-4 more appointments to the SC by President Trump.  If he keeps his promise and I see no reason why he will not, those appointments will come from his list of 30 solid Conservative Judges.

This means the commietard muzzie lovers masquerading as the donktard party would have to pack the Court again to overturn anything. If Senator McConnell keeps delivering these big ones, I see no commietard control of the Senate long term.

Eat it proggie bitches. “Law of the Land” and all that. Oh wait, I effn forgot. That only applies when you asshats are in power. I do beg your pardon.

And…..just for you Major……

Make America Great Again!

Have a Joyous Thanksgiving!

Things to be thankful for?


Family that loves you no matter your politics and will not disinvute you no matter who you vofed for.

Friends that do the same as above.

A Church that keeps the Faith. People think that Brick and Mortar Churches are the only “true Churches” are mistaken. If you are online sharing fellowship and the Word, you have a Church that Jesus would recognize. Nothing against the Brick and Mortar Churches, I go to one often, but they are not the only source of the Word of God.

God for providing me the abilities that I have. To feed and clothe and provide shelter to my love ones.

Finally I am thankful that hillary rotten clinton will never be the President of the United States.



Trump has yet to apologize for anything he has said. I believe he knows the gig will be up if he ever starts.

When Trump says something, like about this Judge and his membership in “the race” you better believe him.

Trump keeps having Rallies in the unfriendliest places you can think of. Every time a riot occurs, it drives a few more away from the donktard plantation and drives the rino/diablo/veggies a little nuttier.

The forker said it long ago. This election is Trump’s to lose. He is not losing it yet.

Some notes.
From now on “the fat assed joisey beach ball” will now be know as “U.S.
Attorney General Fat Assed Joisey Beach Ball”
A special shout out to few of my fellow Freepers from the old days. Nice to know some of you are still around. 🙂
At least 10 murders have been committed in Chicago this month already. Do you still believe that “black lives matter”?
A special shout out to Monty. In your honor Sir. DooM!!!!

That is all.

Trump takes another one.

Indiana. Trump. All 57 Delegates belong to Trump. There will be no contested convention.

No chance at the fork for the marks, clusters,and amy’s to to roll over the Voters who chose Trump over everyone else.


For good or ill Trump is the Nominee.


Get over it or go the eff away and form your own TruCon paradise party. You remember when you labeled me the “Gate Keeper of True Conservatism” amy? Shoe. Other Foot. No assembly required baybee!!


Hope it fits but ware the smell. 🙂

What happened last night….

Yeah Tim, what did happen last night.


Good question. Let me answer that. Donald Trump won five State Primaries in a resounding fashion. The Delegate math is iffy but let us go with the figure that DT now has 1000 Delegates. Now needing just 237 of the remaining 500 or so left.

Stopping him? Folks like Kasich will try but they will fail. Better get used to it. Donald Trump will be the Nominee of the Grand Old Party.


Time for you “heavy hitters” who recently converted to truconism to just go away. No one is listening to you anyway.  Trump happened because of you. Not me, not Neo, Not Dolf not anyone else but you “heavy hitters” that promised everything and then delivered nothing.


It is the sowing/reaping thing. I think someone should refresh my memory on that.

Trump! Trump!! Its still TRUMP!!!!

Trump is leading everyone. Now if you go back back to last time around when prince 5 putt was leading all the National Polls against all potential challengers, progtardia was declaring it over. No need for an election.

Wonder what they are saying to themselves this time around?

Open thread as always.

Tagged “fat assed joisey beach ball” cuz I like saying “fat assed joisey beach ball”
Can you believe that the “fat assed joisey beach ball” was the one time savoir of the repuke wing of the one party unistate?

It is a Trump-Tastic World!

Trump! Trump!! Trump!!!

It is all about the Trump. sir hillary(who was named after Edmond Hillary, despite the fact that she was born before the Feat that made the real Sir Edmond, famous) keeps throwing bombs at Trump about illegal immigration just can not seem to get any traction from those who do not carry Water for her.

Trump wants to break down doors, drag illegals out of Homes, pack them on Buses or into Box Cars, and send them home.

I do not think Trump has any plans to imitate billyjeff’s handling of the Elian Gonzales affair where he sent a Swat Team to drag little Elian out of his Uncles Home.

sir shillary can keep up the hope though.

Trump. Leading the repub polls all over the place. Except tied with Carson in Iowa? What gives in Iowa? Not much except Iowa thinking they still matter in the over repub scheme of things.

If I were a progtard or progtard lite, that would be you rino/diablos and that includes anyone who has labeled them self a repuke “heavy hitter” should be afraid of Mr. Wildcard. He will not promise a whole lot but what he does you can bet your sweet Elefant that the promise will be kept.

Looking forward to all that cheap labor running for the borders come 2017. It looks like it is going to happen.

Let us see together, ok?

Polls! The Polls!!!

In New Hampshire, Donald Trump just hit 35% in a PPP poll. Think about it a bit. One Guy in a field of 17 now is supported by 35% of “likely” Voters. Gub’nor Kaisich who has concentrated only on New Hampshire manages a bare 11%

Trump is also leading handily in South Carolina. Carson is in 2nd place making him the first loser in the race. miss linseed oil can bare muster 4% support in his home State. It is looking like the gopE strategy to flood the race with vanity Candidates just might be back firing.

Does not mean squat really. Polls have their agenda and PPP is no better or worse than any other Poll with a progtard agenda. Trusting any Poll should not be an option for A True none repuke Conservative.

They do give a decent indication of where people are at though. That Trump is Target #1 for vegetables and demons alike shows just how scared the establishment wings of the one party uni-state are.

They fear Trump and rightfully so. The Election is his to lose. Not even a “loyalty oath” requirement from the gopE will stop him. LoLzEr. Just like the fascists of old the gopE wants a “loyalty oath”

Trump is a wildcard. They have no clue what will happen to their well ordered world if he should be elected.


/tagged Fat Assed joisey beach ball cuz I like saying “fat assed joisey beach ball”

Have a pleasant day.