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The United States of America

Railing against the one party unistate? Wondering why the repukes in congress go along with the donktards and just do not seem to give a damn about our Country and Constitution?

Do not wonder anymore. The answer is not complicated at all. However it was stated by one of those old, dead, White Guys’, so you progtards can ignore it at will. You authoritarians supposedly on the Right of the Political Spectrum can also do the same.

“Our Constitution was written for a Religious and Moral People…..”

Need I say more?

Open thread as always. Say it.

Assualt on the 1st Amendment

A tv network has now withdrawn a dumb show about nothing really. The reason why is that the car in that show has a Confederate Flag painted on it. I guess the powers that be do not think that anyone is capable of deciding if they want to watch that show or not.

National Parks are removing Confederate themed merchandise from their store shelves. I guess that they also do not believe that people are capable of making a decision to buy that product or not.

amazon,ebay, and a host of others have removed products that also have Confederate themes to them. You are not fit to decide if you want theses particular products or not.

You are fit to decide if you want nazi or communist themed crap. These two political systems are responsible for the murder of over 300 million Human Beings but what the hell, you have to crack eggs if you want omelets.

Right now the Assault on the 1st Amendment is purely voluntary. Soon it will be mandatory. The gub’mint will decree it and progtards like Sarah will applaud.

Freedom of Assembly. Freedom to Petition for Redress. Freedom of Association. Along with Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Worship how we choose, these freedoms are buckling under constant assault by Sarah and her ilk.

You want to stand together? Take the lead then. Leadership by Example. I have always believed in that as a personal philosophy. Prove that you are capable of leading by actions instead of words. Until then I and the rest of my ilk will ignore you.

You have one more hill to retreat from. After you give up this hill there is only one left. We have seen how you treat the 1st Amendment though. Places like power line and hot air lead the way in this. They delete any and all dissension from the ranks and ban the posters. This is also the way of the veggie crew.

They delete Speech they do not like, claim exemption for 1st Amendment rules by claiming that it is a privately owned site, then they constantly post articles griping about “media bias” from people who also are privately owned. I give them a break with pbs/npr since they are Tax Payer supported but when was the last time either of them were singled out for bias?

Been awhile has it not?

The actions of the veggie crew should lead anyone who has followed that site for any length of time should give you an indication on what they will do to preserve their 1st Amendment Rights. If your answer is little to nothing, I would have to say you are correct. They will surrender those Rights without much of a fuss.

No more Hills to retreat from. Now there is only one left.

What the “Left” wants.

Make no mistake about it. What the left wants is total power. Power over everything. If it involves your daily life and routine the left wants to regulate. The total abolition of all God given rights will be in the hands of Mental Patients like Sarah Bloch. You will have no right to anything except what Sarah wants you to have.

You can not compromise with a jack booted thug. Make no mistake about that either. As long as Sarah wields the power of the jack booted thug, she is fine with it. It only effects those she hates.

Make no mistake again. Politics and elections are not the Savior you are looking for. The Savoir you are looking is named Jesus the Christ. Yaweh ben Yaweh. God son of God. In his teachings and in Him you will find Salvation.

You should read up on sword buying. It do you some good. Stand Together? No. Never. I will not accept that. You did not stand by us when we warned over and over again. You stuck your head in the sand and pretended that we did not exist. You pretended to be better and above us.

Stand on your own two feet if you have them. Find the Courage you need. We can not give that to you.In all our imperfections and perceived biases we stay true to who and what we are.  So do you.

“You shall know them by the company they keep”

Truer words never have been spoken.

Victory or Victimhood?

The world seems to grow darker by the day, with very little if any good news. The latest coming from Libya, as 21 Coptic Christians are beheaded there by Muslims, now threatening the overthrow of Rome.

This is almost like watching history repeat itself all over again at the time before before the crusading period that were taking place in a similar fashion so many centuries ago by the same sort of people. All while President Obama continues to golf, which gives us even more reason for proclamation of need for leadership in the White House. In reality there is little that the citizens can do except pray and wait. Wait for the next election to come when we have a chance to place our vote for someone who has the best interests in mind for the United States, and for the world. Provided that the circumstances do not change between now and then, and it is in the Lord’s will that America does not come under bondage to a foreign entity…in particular, a Muslim entity. It would come as no surprise, considering the fact that America has rejected the One, True God…the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Why, do you ask? Well, everyone has a different viewpoint as to the why, and how America became victim to disordered societal norms.

We have to keep in mind that there is a difference in proclaiming victim (having victim mentality) and actually being a victim. 50 % of America has a victim mentality because they have been wooed to sleep by the government’s wont to play the role of God through welfare and disability programs. Therefore, instead of people relying on God, and the will to succeed, and/or provide for themselves, they see only a desire to rely on government for their needs. Thus, half or more of the population lives a care-free lifestyle, and in so doing the government has created a civilization that consists mainly of a selfish population, a people that are all about themselves — to heck with success, and self-reliance and hard work. This is the dangerous kind of victimhood, and the victim mentality, as it were.

I think one could write forever on the many ills of government, but never really scratch the surface of what truly ails mankind and the world. While the government is of paramount importance to helping bring to fruition solutions to what ails society, as it stands, they are only the problem, afterall it is on a personal basis that change is truly made, and until and when people realize their rights, and where those rights come from, we will only experience more of the same in this country. Ayn Rand once said, “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” In a time when we hear so much about “minorities” being “persecuted” in particular black people, it is a tragic reminder that so many are under the delusion that they are owed something from society, and/or government, all while blacks are the predominant race in sports, we have a black President, they can vote, all employers are open to the black community, the entertainment industry is controlled predominately by the black community, and the list goes on. So why the cries of victimhood? Well, it all goes back to socialism, and the philosophy that advocates the perpetuation of racial division in order to achieve it’s ultimate end which gives the government complete control in relation to all aspects of individual liberty.

It’s really frustrating reading so many different opinions, one becomes lost in a sea full of this opinion and that opinion, and in so doing, never get to the root of society’s problem so that it can be fixed. Public opinion seems to never change in regard to their seemingly never-ending slavish support of government as the be-all, end-all of what the world needs. I can tell you with certainty that education has played the greatest role in public opinion…public opinion did not come from the media, nor did it come from some unforeseen, magical revelation. No, because they had to have some basis for their opinions before they could come to a their conclusions, and that is where education came in. The minds of children are well-groomed from an early age in the public school system through indoctrination into the precepts and philosophies of communism…yes, the public educational system, and those who control the public educational system are together, a communist organization to further the goals/ends of communist philosophy. If the reader knows anything about communism, or has read about it, you know that it does not bode well for those who cherish freedom and self-reliance, and in particular those who cherish their right to worship freely.

President Obama’s dad, Barack Obama, Sr. was an avowed communist, as was one of his closest mentors Saul Alinsky. How we got to this point in our history with a communist in the White House acting under the guise of a “Democratic leader” did not happen overnight. People did not just up and decide in one day that they wanted a communist for President. No, it took years of indoctrination, students well-groomed in the philosophies of communism. Generations of people, and I mean generations by many millions of people, that must number close to 75 or 80 million people by now. So this, in my opinion, has to explain why America is sleeping, and watching people be burned to death, beheaded, and so forth, while the one they elected to the White House goes golfing everyday. He has no plan whatsoever to fight Islam, much less defeat it, no, I think he wants Islam to win. He rejoices at the sight of Christians being tortured, beheaded, and burned at the stake.

America, you don’t have to sit back, idly waiting for this President to act, because I can tell you now, he isn’t, he’s not going to do one thing for those who are being oppressed…you, and every freedom-loving patriot of this country has a right to protest this President and what he is doing, but you aren’t going to get it done sitting at home on your computer. Your words on the computer are like chaff in the wind, they mean nothing, no, you have to get up, stand on your two feet and act, as any patriot would and should!

I am by no means a history buff, as you may see, but I care deeply about this country, and the many freedoms that we are accustomed to proclaim and enjoy. I fear, however, that we are not going to be enjoying our freedoms in the foreseeable future unless we act sooner than election day 2016. I could be wrong, I have been wrong before…I figured we would have already gone to civil war in this country. Well, apparently, God isn’t finished with America yet, but maybe…just maybe, He’s giving this country the opportunity at this very moment to see what you will do. Work toward victory, or sit back in the usual victimhood mentality?

God bless you all! Have a good week!

The World according to progtardia……

You can, according to the progtards of progtardia, blame all the World’s ills on two things. alGoreBullnonWarming-climatenonchaosnonhumanchangeableorRoveweathermachinable and the repuke party.


I almost feel sowwy for the repukes. The have not learned how to tell theprogtards to go fuck off. Instead they hide like the cowards they are behind whatever freeshit they can throw to the freeshitarmy.

Being cowards not withstanding. All evidence points to the repukes having majorities in both branches of Congress come the start of the next session. Stooge number 1’s first priority? Giving control of the Senate right back to the accused child molester reid. How do you ask? By giving the Fillibuster back to the progtards so bitchmcconnell, aka stooge number 1, has an excuse to hide behind.


wah!! wah!!! wecantdonuttincuz da filllybuster dingy!!!


Advice? Sharp knives, loaded magazines, and a willingness to use them. Clyvven Bundy showed just what true cowards the progtards are when they can not deliver overwhelming force.  One thing has rolled back overwhelming big gub’mint since the socialist Abe Lincoln became President in 1861.


Armed Force. Clyvven Bundy told the gub’mint to go get fucked and backed it up walk and not talk like today’s repuke goalongtogetalonggivemeapieceofthepietoo! party.


To Clyyven Bundy. You are the second Hero of the Counter Revolution. HCR1C

75 years ago….

Today the nazis invaded Poland. It took them 28 days to render the Polish Military incapable of effective resistance.

What made this possible? The Polish Army despite whatever propaganda you have read was very a very capable fighting force. They were at divisional level and below very well led. They were motivated. They had a reason to fight. To protect their homeland.

Sept 17. The commies invade Eastern Poland in the guise of protecting ethnic russkis. Sound familiar? The molotov-ribbentrop pact sealed Poland, fate. Caught between national socialist and the international socialist they had no chance of surviving as a nation.

They depended on Britain and France to help them out. Well the frogs launched a desultory attack in the Rhineland, wet a few kilometers, packed up and went home. So much for Poland right?

The frogs screams for help in May 1940 ring a bit hollow knowing the kind of help they gave when it was time to give it.


What lesson can you draw today? There are some yes but the most important one is this. When your life is on the line trust no one other than yourself.


Put your trust in a politician to save you? LOL effn ZER. My rights do not come from any politician or someone in a black robe. They come from God.


End of Story

Act 10

In light of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court upholding Act 10 I bring you this classic video of one adolph schikelgrubers reaction to Scott Walker’s recall election victory.


In addition I bring this reaction from progtardias crybaby of the century.



Wait!! i am not done!!! Who can forget little pippy progtard and her gnashing of teeth?



You lost Wisconsin. This will embolden other Conservative states to do the same. It will further divide us. There will be less tax payer money for you to use. This is something else you have to stop at all costs.


Less tax payer money you have the less chance you can achieve your progtopia.


We hear the cries and lamentations of your wymym folk. We laugh.






The very first Hero of the Counter Revolution Award goes to this man


He was a man before his time. He knew what would happen to his Country if the progtards had their way. He did what he needed to do. No apologies and no regrets.


I hereby award him this Grand and Glorious Medal. Hero of the Counter Revolution First Class.HCR1C


And no I am not going to tell you who he is. Guess.