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Witness the Revolution

Unless you live in bubble you all know how apeshit prpgtardia is getting. You all know just how far they are willing to get down in the shit to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.


One thing that is not sure because most of the manhood has been bred out of the proggies is if they are willing to start a shooting war. I don’t think they have the balls. Even if they armed all the muzzies and south of the border welfare scammers. They would never be able to control them anyway. They have different agendas than the white proggie control class.

There are millions of Veterans of symmetrical warfare that would jump at the chance to put a bullet in them anyway. We have the know how, the ability, and the will to do so.  There are also millions and millions of deplorable rednecks, of all races, that would also do their duty.

How about it pajama bois and sjw gurlz, you up to it?


Nah, just go to your safe space and work your playdough.

What happened last night….

Yeah Tim, what did happen last night.


Good question. Let me answer that. Donald Trump won five State Primaries in a resounding fashion. The Delegate math is iffy but let us go with the figure that DT now has 1000 Delegates. Now needing just 237 of the remaining 500 or so left.

Stopping him? Folks like Kasich will try but they will fail. Better get used to it. Donald Trump will be the Nominee of the Grand Old Party.


Time for you “heavy hitters” who recently converted to truconism to just go away. No one is listening to you anyway.  Trump happened because of you. Not me, not Neo, Not Dolf not anyone else but you “heavy hitters” that promised everything and then delivered nothing.


It is the sowing/reaping thing. I think someone should refresh my memory on that.

Trump! Trump!! Its still TRUMP!!!!

Trump is leading everyone. Now if you go back back to last time around when prince 5 putt was leading all the National Polls against all potential challengers, progtardia was declaring it over. No need for an election.

Wonder what they are saying to themselves this time around?

Open thread as always.

Tagged “fat assed joisey beach ball” cuz I like saying “fat assed joisey beach ball”
Can you believe that the “fat assed joisey beach ball” was the one time savoir of the repuke wing of the one party unistate?

Is Baltimore Burning?

By the news reports it is looking more and more like progtardia’s foot soldiers want it too. At least in the Neighborhoods they live in. They destroy their own homes and local Businesses and then work their outward. About within walking distance.

Ferguson. You can walk across the whole wreck in about a half an hour. That is about the limit of destruction you will get when progtards riot.


Is this the beginning? Who knows. progtardia is at war with themselves. They can sort the mess out if they are able. Stay out of their way and let them do as much damage to each other as they can.

Then be ready.

You need to be able to feed yourself and your Family. You need to be able to protect yourself and your Family. You need to be able to protect yourself and your Family from the elements.

Sharp blade and fully loaded magazines are also advised. Knowing what to do with them might also help but hey, even some amateur out in the Desert might get lucky.

Personally I think we have at least one maybe two more incidents before the real show starts. You think anyone going to queen mooch out of the white hut without a fight?

Is this the End? Only the Doors know.