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In a nut shell….


This is what happens when you let progressives and progress, progress to the point of no return. You get a culture where everyone but the guilty are to blame.


Junk science combined with activism. It does not matter what cause the activist is active in, they just know better than anyone else.


How much longer will this Judge have her job? Likely not long since she stuck it to a progtarda* that raped a disabled Man.

*Editors note. progtarda is a female of the progressive persuasion.

Iowa open thread.

The first Caucus. Can you feel the excitement?  Yeah, me neither. A new rule change for both parties though. On the repuke side, rule 156A1.1564 now states that if a bush is running, he gets the 100% of Iowa’s delegates no matter the vote count. On the donktard side the whole rule book was reduced to a single rule. Rule 1 states that only a person with a vagina is eligible to receive delegates. It is unclear if the bitter old commie from Vermont has one or not. The way he has pussed out in the debates would leave one to believe, why yes, he does.



Speaks for itself.

These people see no value in Human Life and the act accordingly. This is what happens when you give up on the Culture Wars. This is what happens when you would rather be sitting at a Desk counting $$$ or sitting in a Recliner watching your 72 inch big screen plasma tv.

“Taint” too many Hills left behind you…..

Ludicrous on a few levels.

Read the linked article.

I can imagine Sarah being the proggie that called the Po Po.

The most ludicrous part of this? The “mayor” of this town was looking for a reason to shut down a Legal

I can imagine Sarah doing that also.

When do you have to check yourself back in Sarah? Maybe you have an extended leave this time?

😛 ;P

Knowing our History

When you take a look back at the happenings of the infamous leftwing revolutions one thing should stand out for the disciples of progtardia. That thing being, what happened to the so called Intelligentsia of those revolutions.

The vast majority of them were sent to gulags, concentration camps, killing fields, or what have you. The enables of the revolution, those that worked the most to tear down the Society that was prevalent and replace it with glorious progtardia, were deemed disposable by the very people they put into power.

It is no different today with those self identified progtopiaists. If and that is a very big if they succeed in gaining their paradise here in this Country, anywhere from 95-99% of them will be “disposed” of by the revolution.

History shows this. Find out for yourself. If you are a progtard I would be more worried about getting sent to one of shillary’s “fun” camps than worring about why I do not want to bake a Cake for you or take Pictures of your “wedding”

Chew on it peeps.

P.S. Tagged “fat assed joisey beach ball” cuz I like reminding People that he is a fat ass, and, I like typing “fat assed joisey beach ball”. It has a certain ring to it.

Is Baltimore Burning?

By the news reports it is looking more and more like progtardia’s foot soldiers want it too. At least in the Neighborhoods they live in. They destroy their own homes and local Businesses and then work their outward. About within walking distance.

Ferguson. You can walk across the whole wreck in about a half an hour. That is about the limit of destruction you will get when progtards riot.


Is this the beginning? Who knows. progtardia is at war with themselves. They can sort the mess out if they are able. Stay out of their way and let them do as much damage to each other as they can.

Then be ready.

You need to be able to feed yourself and your Family. You need to be able to protect yourself and your Family. You need to be able to protect yourself and your Family from the elements.

Sharp blade and fully loaded magazines are also advised. Knowing what to do with them might also help but hey, even some amateur out in the Desert might get lucky.

Personally I think we have at least one maybe two more incidents before the real show starts. You think anyone going to queen mooch out of the white hut without a fight?

Is this the End? Only the Doors know.


You may have missed this…..

This appeared and then disappeared. I can not fathom the reason why the author of this would pull it down so quick. Perhaps the author would like to tell us?


“We’ll see how it goes over the next two years. Many terrible things may happen between now and then, but I think they’ll just serve to temper the steel. The United States might find itself in 2017 to be a nation ready and willing to do the right thing.”


I beg to disagree with the author on this. Not about the terrible things happening part, that is a given. I want to disagree that in 2017 we will be a “nation ready and willing to do the right thing.”


I see no evidence of this. progtardia will only yell louder and louder until some go along to get along type starts listening to them. Any attempt to do the right thing will need to be backed by an Iron Resolve and an Iron Will. It will require someone who will ignore the cries and lamentations of progtardia.


I just do not see it happening.