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In a nut shell….


This is what happens when you let progressives and progress, progress to the point of no return. You get a culture where everyone but the guilty are to blame.


Junk science combined with activism. It does not matter what cause the activist is active in, they just know better than anyone else.


How much longer will this Judge have her job? Likely not long since she stuck it to a progtarda* that raped a disabled Man.

*Editors note. progtarda is a female of the progressive persuasion.


Iowa open thread.

The first Caucus. Can you feel the excitement?  Yeah, me neither. A new rule change for both parties though. On the repuke side, rule 156A1.1564 now states that if a bush is running, he gets the 100% of Iowa’s delegates no matter the vote count. On the donktard side the whole rule book was reduced to a single rule. Rule 1 states that only a person with a vagina is eligible to receive delegates. It is unclear if the bitter old commie from Vermont has one or not. The way he has pussed out in the debates would leave one to believe, why yes, he does.



Speaks for itself.

These people see no value in Human Life and the act accordingly. This is what happens when you give up on the Culture Wars. This is what happens when you would rather be sitting at a Desk counting $$$ or sitting in a Recliner watching your 72 inch big screen plasma tv.

“Taint” too many Hills left behind you…..

Ludicrous on a few levels.

Read the linked article.

I can imagine Sarah being the proggie that called the Po Po.

The most ludicrous part of this? The “mayor” of this town was looking for a reason to shut down a Legal

I can imagine Sarah doing that also.

When do you have to check yourself back in Sarah? Maybe you have an extended leave this time?

😛 ;P