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A New Manifesto is out!!! Oh….And open Thread as always.

D List actor and noted expert on everything, Russel Brand, has written his own version of the progtard manifesto!!


All Glory to Russel!!!


All hail Russel!!!


Russel is now the progtards go to guy for “expert” advice on all matters.


You are welcome to him progtards


Be right back. My wife bought me a new knife. It needs sharpened.


♪♫ Old McMacmoud had a jihad♫♪ ¡E!I!E¡I!O¡…..BOOM!♫♫♪

The nation formerly know as Iraq keeps getting smaller. Over the last week the sunni jihadis consolidated their hold in Anbar province, capturing 4 towns that used to belong to the shia jihadis. The towns of Rawa, Ana and Huseiba in addition to the more important town of Al Quim fell to the sunni jihadis.


shia jihadis are rumored to have lost an entire brigade of Infantry, 28 tanks, and 3 helo’s, leaving the shias with virtually no air force and little to no offensive capability. From what reports i have read the shias now only possess 2 Cesna prop jobs capable of fire Hellfire missles leaving their airforce one twelfth the size of the Air Force of El salvador.

Iraq. We hardly knew ye.




Hello and thank you for calling the Baghdad suicide hotline…this is Abu Machmoud Tariq ibn Ali al Saddam how may I help you?


Caller are you there?

………yes…..Just trying to compose myself Abu……

What may I help you with today.

Well Farrah, Fatima,Huma, and Hillary won’t have sex with me anymore…

And why id that? and my I have your name calle?

Yes….My name is Anwar.


Now Anwar, why do you think these women will not have sex with you? And by the way are these women your wives?

Yes Abu, they are my wives. They say I am a coward because I ran away from the sunnis in Tikrit.


Anwar, forget these women. Divorce them. Have sex with your concubines instead.

My cocubines left me too. They went back to North Korea…..for a better life….


Do you know how to drive a truck, Anwar?

NO Abu I d………



Today is also the anniversary of the nazi invasion of communist soviet union. Not even two years after a pact signed by a dork named after a gasoline coktail and a joker whose name translates out some like “a troop of ribs” , the national socialists led by one adolph schikelgruber decided to have a go at the the international socialist led by one joe “Uncle Mustache” jugashvili.

Four and a half years or so and at the cost of 15 million, at least, combatants on both sides, and depending on what “official” source you want to believe, 17 million civilian deaths, the thousand year reich lay in smoking ruins.


Now the spiritual heirs of those two systems are busy destroying another country. This time from the inside out.


What is it with progtard dictators and their names? Like they are ashamed of the truth. Nahhh. Could not be. Isn’t that right mr. sotero?