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The White House….

Is now a ‘obama free zone’

I hope all you lowly proggies notice, not one celebtard is with the rioters taking one for the cause. boing boing boiney is not there either. He is probably hiding in one of his three dachas contemplating the plight of the Working Man. Who mostly voted for President Trump.

How does his ass taste now?

gorebullwarming bullshit from   scrubbed

lgbtqwertxyz321 bullshit from     scrubbed

internationalplanned murderhood funding….. gone.

obarky care.  Partway gone already.

New Federal Regulations. Suspended. About effen time.

Orders audit of all goober’mint agencies. Again, about effn time.

Little known money wasting agency, office of violence against women, gone. State or local issue anyway.


Hiring Freeze! Go get a real job assholes….

That Trump fella, he meant what he said. Get used to ass progiies.

Too bad the Camps have not opened yet and President Trump has yet to nuke mek-ee-ko.  Still has only been less than a day. I can wait for the last two.

Witness the Revolution

Unless you live in bubble you all know how apeshit prpgtardia is getting. You all know just how far they are willing to get down in the shit to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.


One thing that is not sure because most of the manhood has been bred out of the proggies is if they are willing to start a shooting war. I don’t think they have the balls. Even if they armed all the muzzies and south of the border welfare scammers. They would never be able to control them anyway. They have different agendas than the white proggie control class.

There are millions of Veterans of symmetrical warfare that would jump at the chance to put a bullet in them anyway. We have the know how, the ability, and the will to do so.  There are also millions and millions of deplorable rednecks, of all races, that would also do their duty.

How about it pajama bois and sjw gurlz, you up to it?


Nah, just go to your safe space and work your playdough.

DEMENTED MCCAIN TURNS DIRTY… Dossier Financed By Rival Campaigns, SuperPACs? MEDIA AND CIA FALL FOR ‘GOLDEN SHOWER’ HOAX… SPOOKS GET TROLLED! SPY AGENCIES EXPOSED… Russian tech expert named in report never contacted by US intel… GREENWALD: ‘Deep State’ Sabotage… EXACT REVENGE ON PRESIDENT-IN-WAITING… SCHUMER WARNED… Russia slams ‘nonsense’ claims about perverted hooker romp… Pulp Fiction…

Happy New Year

May 2017 bring you prosperity.

mariah carey is so damned important that her NYE show was deliberately sabotaged.

By Vlad and the Rooshians!!

For you progtards that like to call me a nazi, I present to you one of your leaders. Care o explain the uniform?



ZOMG! ZOMG!! Christian Dictatorship in Syria.


Aleppo’s Christians Celebrate Christmas and Hope for the Return of Peace