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Act 10

In light of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court upholding Act 10 I bring you this classic video of one adolph schikelgrubers reaction to Scott Walker’s recall election victory.


In addition I bring this reaction from progtardias crybaby of the century.



Wait!! i am not done!!! Who can forget little pippy progtard and her gnashing of teeth?



You lost Wisconsin. This will embolden other Conservative states to do the same. It will further divide us. There will be less tax payer money for you to use. This is something else you have to stop at all costs.


Less tax payer money you have the less chance you can achieve your progtopia.


We hear the cries and lamentations of your wymym folk. We laugh.







ENOUGH!! of the Un proven Accusations.

Ok folks that is enough.

Just like I will not allow un proven accusations to be displayed on this blog about members on staff without a disclaimer that policy should be in effect for everyone. It will now be so.


No comment will be deleted or even have the text changed but I will be adding the dislaimer UN PROVEN ACCUSATION to it and telling you I did it.


You are free to attack anyone’s beliefs, you are free to say what you want to say, you are free to call me an idiotic Mennonite poopy head without hesitation. However if you make an accusation about someones personal life or behavior and you do not have proof that stand in a Court of Law, if you do not add the disclaimer yourself in bold and all caps, I will.

Having said all that

I can not think of a single one of you all that I have interacted with over the last few years at Blogs 4 Bush/Blogs 4 Victory, All Politics Now, and here that would not be welcome to come to my Stammtisch and share dinner and drink.

INSANITY of the left, This folks is what we are fighting


“My country deals with ten times that number, very year, from your planet only.”


“This is a racial/tribal issue for people of your worldview Neocon1. You fear for the futures of your children and grandchildren that the playing field will no longer be tilted toward them. You fear that someone brown or black will succeed and that success will cause them to fail. Fear not brother, there is room for all to succeed in the vision that I and many others have for America’s future–no matter the color of their skin, their sexual preference, their gender identity or the religion they hold dear in their hearts”

this insanity brought to you by the pitchfork.


Progtardism causes people to the say the most ridiculous things. progtards go out of the way to top each each other in how ridiculous they can be.


I recently paid a visit to the e”pit”omy  of progtardia and came away with this gem.

“progressives aren’t trying to tell anyone how to live”


Really now? progtarism is nothing but telling the rest of us how to live. If you are a rancher in Nevada or a Baker in Colorado or any other myriad producer of anything tangible you can bet a progtard has ruled, regulated, and law fared you to death.


The examples are too numerous. You can find them everyday and everywhere but remember Fred has said he is not telling how to live.