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Turkey needs common sense…..

Hand Grenade control.


Another muzzie terror attack, this time in a muzzie country. This is hardly even noteworthy any more. No word on if the muzzie terrorist had passed thier background checks to legally posses those grenades or if they got them at a Grenade show or off the internets.


Yawn, So far only 10 dead. Posers.

Another One bites….

Britain has just swept the European Union into the dustbin of history.


You had one job Great Britain and it was a job well done.


God save the Queen


P.S. Oh my sotero!! Kiss My Ass! kthanxbye! Q.E. II

The Baltimore Six

Yeah. It was predicted right here. All Six. Not guilty. Bite it sarah. The truth won this time.

I hope the taste is nice and bitter for you. For now, I will enjoy the cries and lamentations of your betabois and wymmyn folk. Oh yeah, we might just get to watch another weenie roast in b’morestan.


Have a nice day everyone!



Orlando, a Clash of two Cults (Saturbray) ^ | 6/18/16 | bray Posted on 6/18/2016, 10:23:55 AM by bray And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 KJV The massacre in Orlando was the latest clash of the two dominant cults of the world. The death cult of Islam against the empty cult of liberalism. One is a violent bloodthirsty religion which follows its leader in massacring nonbelievers and the other a fundamentalist religion which believes tolerance is the most holy of beliefs. Both lead to emptiness as they chase smoke and ash to cleanse your sins rather than Christ who offers complete forgiveness and mercy.

Mass murder…..

Another one just took place early this morning. A homosexual club in Orlando was attacked. Early reports have 20 dead and 40 more wounded. You can find stories about this all over the web.


Early reports have the attacker as a member of a peaceful religion.


Question to homosexuals. How can you ally with scum that will murder you? Do you not now their “religion” allows the to do so?


Dumb question Tim. As long as they help bring down Western Judaeo Christian Civilization, all is good. Gotta break some eggs if you want that omelet.

Drudge Headline.


No wonder the proggies want him gone.


Shooter is a registered progtard.



Trump has yet to apologize for anything he has said. I believe he knows the gig will be up if he ever starts.

When Trump says something, like about this Judge and his membership in “the race” you better believe him.

Trump keeps having Rallies in the unfriendliest places you can think of. Every time a riot occurs, it drives a few more away from the donktard plantation and drives the rino/diablo/veggies a little nuttier.

The forker said it long ago. This election is Trump’s to lose. He is not losing it yet.

Some notes.
From now on “the fat assed joisey beach ball” will now be know as “U.S.
Attorney General Fat Assed Joisey Beach Ball”
A special shout out to few of my fellow Freepers from the old days. Nice to know some of you are still around. ๐Ÿ™‚
At least 10 murders have been committed in Chicago this month already. Do you still believe that “black lives matter”?
A special shout out to Monty. In your honor Sir. DooM!!!!

That is all.